Hi Lovely! Have you ever felt restricted or repressed in fully expressing who you are deep down inside at your very core? Perhaps, you’ve come from a conservative background where any expression of sexuality has been forbidden. Maybe, you’ve been in a long term relationship and have lost the fire within. Possibly, you’re on a journey of bringing more passion into your life and redefining yourself.

Whether you are single, in a monogamous or an open relationship – this inspirational guide will help you break down the barriers inside and rediscover amazing passion, breathtaking sex and ultimate joy of embracing your full self.

Please let me introduce myself. My name is Evguenia and I’m going to let you in on a little secret… Over the past few years I have written some spicy, sensual, deep, wild and soulful stories of my Alter Ego Alice and would love to share these with you! Alice is a mother and a polyamorous wife, an artist, and a healer. An entrepreneur. A sexuality educator. A lover. A seductress.

Sexuality is her playground of choice. Love is her worship, her teaching, the sole purpose of living. It is the power of human connection that transforms, strengthens and drives her to experiment and share.

This book is very close to my heart as I (I’m sure not unlike many of you) come from a very conservative environment. Culture where societal judgments, shame, and guilt are some of the blocks that stop complete and free expression of sexuality. Internalized, these judgments create inner walls – separating sexuality from the entirety of ourselves, blocking our creative expression. At times, making us turn against our very core.

So what does it take to accept and authentically express your sexuality, to listen to the voice within that leads you into the depths of who you truly are without fear or worries about the judgments of others?

This sensual book (printed on silky white paper with luscious skin-like varnish and deep colorful visuals) contains a collection of erotic sketches followed by practical tips on how to play out similar scenes.

My deep desire and hope are to inspire you  to play out your own deep seated fantasies and help you unleash your own deep-seated desires, empower and motivate you to discover your personal gifts and take another step in the journey toward living authentically-aligned lives full of love, pleasure, self-acceptance, connection, and passion. 

After all, sexuality is a great gateway to achieve higher states of consciousness, personal growth and ultimately love. 

What’s inside Alice in Polyland?

The book contains nine soulfully wild short stories. Each of them is followed by a set of practical tips designed to help re-enact the fantasies. Also included in the book are ten high-quality professionally captured photographs artfully arranged by Evguenia.

Alice in PolyLand is an artistic, creative and inspiring book that describes events that combine real life experiences and fiction. Each of the nine spicy stories is followed by detailed and insightful instructions allowing readers to learn more about how to reproduce each of the fantasies and what important considerations to keep in mind while embarking on sexually playful journeys of passionate self-expression, openness and creativity. This beautiful book has been designed by Evguenia herself and is presented in 34 pages of vivid colour photography featuring sensual images. This book is soulfully spiritual, unapologetically sex positive and a deeply autobiographical unlike anything you’ve seen before.

About the Author + Designer

Evguenia is an Accredited Energy Therapist and a Passionate Sex Educator who graduated from the World’s Premier Hands-on Healing program. She packs 10 years of Healing and Expressive Arts education as well as experience in facilitating private Healing and Sexual Guidance sessions focusing on topics such as Personal Growth, Energy Orgasms, Relationship Deepening, BDSM, Sex Positivity and Tantra. She also runs judgement-free, supportive and poly/kink friendly workshops at various locations in GTA such as University of Toronto, York University and various educational, entertainment and private venues.

Evguenia’s heart’s biggest desire is to help clients discover their gifts and live fuller authentically aligned lives full of love, pleasure, and passion. To learn more about Energy Healing, Sexuality and Meditation please follow Evguenia on:
SpiritSexLab Website  |   Facebook   |   Instagram  |   YouTube

My Fundraising Goal

From the beginning, my ambition for Alice in Polyland was to capture spicy erotic stories that entice imagination and unleash passion. I also wanted to give the readers the tools they need to deepen connection with themselves, their partners and spice up their relationships. In this book I’m sharing tips on how to increase passion, create powerful playful scenes and explore fantasies that help you to connect to your very core. The practical tips I’m sharing are the result of my ten-year-long practice focused on Personal Transformation and Sexual Guidance Practice.

The book includes: 

  •  Short stories that range from powerful primal connections, intellectually stimulating spicy fantasies, and emotional roller-coasters of love / break-ups to highly spiritual and deep explorations of soulful sex
  •  Candid experience sharing of some of the more challenging experiences of non-consensual Domination and Submission, polyamorous lifestyle perks and downsides as well as an exclusive look into what happens at sex clubs and kink parties.
  •  Practical Step by Step Tips on how to achieve the most tantalizing fantasies of group sex, unicorn experiences, domination/submission scenes and tantric love-making sessions including Energy Orgasms in a fun, safe and loving ways
  •  Amazing photography of Alice in action with some of her play partners taken by some of the greatest photographers in the scene
  •  Philosophical discussion intro focused on sexuality, self-expression, societal judgements and the importance of embracing your authentic voice
  •  Soulful, mindful, retrospective look into the nature of sexual energy, BDSM, Tantra and life

I’m grateful to be working with some of the best printing and publishing specialists to bring this book to life. Great news is that I was able to secure an improved production agreement and now require less funds! 100% of your contribution will go towards the printing costs.

Who is this Book for?

Alice in PolyLand is the IDEAL gift for the Valentine’s Holiday season and beyond for couples and singles alike! It’s a gift of self love, confidence and freedom! A gift of passion and focusing on those deeply-seated desires we all have – the time has come to fully embrace who you are – truly, wildly, soulfully and safely unleash your inhibitions and soar! 

Alice in PolyLand is an amazing resource for you if you’re transitioning out of a relationship or are flying solo. If you are looking at a multitude of ways to experience your inner desires and needs – this book is an amazing resource for you to redefine yourself. To come back to yourself and lovingly embrace all that there is multidimensionally – body, heart, mind, and the spirit!

If you are in a loving relationship (or enjoying a multitude of amazing connections) – this kink- and poly-friendly sultry collection of playful stories and practical play ideas will entice your senses, give you ideas on how to spice up your play, introduce new elements into the multitude of pleasure-filled techniques you already have in your arsenal and help you achieve deeper, spicier and more out of this world experiences.


I am grateful for every donation that comes in, and proud to offer our backers top-notch Alice In Polyland rewards in return for their generosity.

  • A donation above $45 will get you a signed book and an exquisite signed 4×6 print; a $75 donation will get you one of Alice’s Signed sensually soulful 11×17 posters, and $100 will get you a Deeply Sensual and Healing Meditation Track recorded by Alice. $375 grants you a personalized thank you note printed inside the book.
  • I’m so very grateful for every single donation that comes our way!  Here are a few ways in which I’d like to thank you! A $60 donation will  get you a freshly kissed thank-you note (in luscious red), while $200 gets you a very special thank-you Skype Healing or Sexual Guidance session on the topic of your choice. $700 gets you a whooping 4-hour Healing or Sexual Guidance package, and at $1500, I dedicate the whole book to you.
  • Would you prefer to meet me in person? I have a few amazingly  luxurious and exclusive options available for you! $950 donation  includes a dinner date with Alice in Toronto. $1150 generosity allows for up to 10 people Workshop with Alice, while a pledge of $3000 or more includes a special perk of a professionally setup and edited Photo Shoot session with Alice and you!

Book Reviews

“Alice in PolyLand is a sumptuous collection of erotica, playful tips and gorgeous photography. Both visually and mentally stimulating, it provides the right amount of tease and satisfaction. My favorite section was on ‘Mindful Sex’ and all of the pleasures that the brain can create, just from storytelling alone. This versatile collection overlaps across art, literature and education; just as sexuality itself is all encompassing. “

Fatima Mechtab
Event Producer. Marketing Director. Creative Visionary. Twitter. Facebook. LinkedIn.

“Alice in PolyLand introduces a playful mix of characters, erotica, and practical tips which serve to spark the imagination, and ignite the sexual fire in ways that some of us have never experienced.”

Allan Daggett
Project Manager. Life Projects

“Alice in PolyLand is an informative book written by Evguenia of Spirit Sex Lab, an accredited energy therapist and sex educator. The book is laid out in easy to follow chapters – Unicorn (couples and bisexual women), Be Still (Domination and submission), Energy Orgasm (Tantric energy play), etc. Well-written, succinct with a deep feeling of care and erotic flair. The text is accompanied by fine images by various talented photographers. Polished and accessible, Alice in PolyLand is a gem of a book.”

Alex Dark
Black & Blue, Toronto Fetish events producer for over 13 years.

How can I help?

Besides contributing to our Kickstarter, please feel free to share my campaign with friends and anyone that you think will appreciate it! Every little bit helps, and I will be eternally grateful for your support.

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