The Dream Catcher

Lights out. Dark walls, ceiling, floors, seats. Bright movie theater screen with projected slowly moving artistically shot landscapes. Slightly lit faces of everyone watching. And him – tall, handsome man wearing glasses. Sitting so close, to the left.

Electricity, lots of electricity – that’s all Alice can concentrate on at the moment. His energy. His face. His presence… She takes his hand and starts to slowly and gently play with it. He responds. The Writer responds to her touch. This throws her right back to the memory of first meeting him – by the old clock tower…

…He was sitting on the bench facing the clock tower with red doors. Silver streaked hair, checkered shirt, jeans, blue shoes. She could clearly see him from the second floor of the building beside the square. “Are you ready to play?” she texted “Yes”. “Here are the rules: I want you to meet me in a way of you gradually opening up to me – one sense at a time” she wrote. “Please close your eyes and wait for me to join you on the bench. We will start with a sense of smell…”

Alice quietly walked up to him. Set down. Wearing her favorite essential oil. Feeling his energy, looking at him, taking him in. There was something very familiar about this man, something that felt very dear and long awaited. A sense of wonder. A sense of opening up to a new wonderful experience, a great love, or a great despair… But something definitely out of the ordinary.

She moved onto the touch, she started gently playing with his hands. And he responded. “He’s playful and not a shy type” she thought to herself. With his eyes still closed he was responding and meeting her in the way she orchestrated.

She spoke. The voice… It broke the silence.

The taste? A strawberry in his mouth…

The sight… “What if he doesn’t like me” she thought. “All of this and he doesn’t like me…” He opened his eyes and looked into Alice’s big eyes, taking in her curious and sexy energy, full lips, feminine and fit body… His eyes were smiling. His face was smiling… It’s was a “yes”…

Intense hand sex – that’s all she could call it. Their hands touching, squeezing, passionately playing with each other in the darkness of the theater. All she could think about was immediately getting out of the movie theater, and realizing all of the fantasies that were flying in her head. She took his finger into her mouth and started licking it – he gasped.

…”Writers – Alice thought to herself – they are selling dreams. Beautiful, seductive, poetic dreams geared towards women that long for the ultimate body, soul and mind connection”. Remembering all of his touching, poetic, erotic and seductive notes, Alice continued “He’s selling dreams… And I am catching them. I live on dreams, on journeys, on experiences… they feed my soul, my heart, my mind, my sexuality. The energy he’s giving off is fitting perfectly. I am losing my mind. Am I going to regret this? It may hurt. But at least I’ll enjoy the experience…”

She took his hand and placed it between her legs. She moved her lips close to his ear and whispered “I need you to fuck me right now”. His immediate response – the intensity of his glance, surprise of feeling her juicy wet lips with his hand right in the middle of the movie scenery… They immediately got up and left.

What happens in the movie theater, of course, stays in the movie theater.

The dream was short lived. Very soon the Writer became busy with his new script and a new muse… Alice was devastated for a while, but eventually has moved on.

One day, passing by the Old Clock Tower Alice set down on the bench looking at the red doors, reminiscing about the past. Fall leafs were dancing in the air and falling to her feet. An old city worker who had opened the red doors of the tower earlier has forgotten to lock them down. Alice got up and walked up to the doors, there were a few objects laying on the floor inside the tower.

“Forgotten, lost, left behind objects that were one day so dear to someone – are so lonely now ” – thought Alice. “A dream catcher!“ Delicately crafted, beautifully woven dream catcher was laying on the floor among other lost items. Alice picked it up. And all memories came rushing back to her. “Here’s to new great dreams, she thought!” The dream catcher has found a new home…

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