Two Men Striptease

She was looking into his face – he was in pain, lost, yet still loving. Fire place was casting golden lights and dark blue shadows onto the living room’s walls, sofas, coffee table with a bottle of red wine and three empty glasses…

Polyamory, opening up to letting her experience others – was such a difficult and painful journey for him, Alice’s husband. He loved her so much. Initially he couldn’t bear the thought of sharing her after almost 20 years together, later he decided to let her experience the freedom of being in love and lust with others because that was what she really longed for. Alice, sitting close to him, hugging him, kissing – so grateful and concerned with his mood.

The doorbell rang. She quickly got up – excitedly ran to open, wearing a tight long gray dress that fit her perfectly. Curled hair. Make up. She was feeling on top of the world.

She eagerly met him at the door – her Latin lover. Tall, athletic, seductive man – chocolate skin, intense dark eyes, sensual lips, sexy accent, smooth talker full of mystique and charm. “I am not sure my husband wants to still go through with it”, she said to the man. He looked into the room and the men’s eyes met.

Conversation took a while, Alice was nervous, Husband – upset, Latin Lover – eloquent. When lots of words were said, some wine drank and cheese and grapes eaten – he agreed “Ok. Let’s do it. I know Alice would really love to do it.”

Alice was on top of the world, she quickly changed into a very short and very sexy dress and said “Show me your tickets gentlemen – the show is about to begin”. Both men pulled out the invitations she had sent to them earlier featuring Alice in lingerie, promising a sensual dance and a sex show. “… And IDs – you didn’t think I’d let you watch a sex show without your IDs now, did you?

Second floor, candles, large bed, kids are away. The bedroom has turned into an adult playroom with two chairs set a few meters apart from each other. Sexual, rhythmical music. Men are waiting.

Alice is coming into the room – long eyelashes, gold sparkles all over her body, short lacy dress. Lap dancing, playing, teasing. And silently checking in with the husband – are you still ok to proceed, getting a silent yes.

Both men are looking so handsome and desirable in this dim light, Alice is moving with the music – slowly removing clothes, teasing, kissing, touching them – one at a time. How lucky is she! Two amazing men are about to play with her. For her. The dance is over. Clothes are thrown onto the floor. Alice is naked and very excited.

What a sensual feast it is to be pleasured by two amazing lovers! So many hands, lips and tongues… Experiences, sensations, screams, moans, squirts, climaxes! “My own sexual fireworks”, she thought to herself, – “Each woman should have two lovers…” “I am So incredibly grateful. To you Both. So grateful!” 

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