“Fill all my holes…”

“Bring out the toys” – says the Latin Lover. He has graciously agreed to be put in charge of exploratory ass play when Alice mentioned that she’d been curious to experience it…

Laughingly, Alice, takes out all of the gadgets she has. “Let the fun begin!” Along with the two lovers spread on the red satin sheets, there are now a few vibrators ranging in shapes and sizes and lube among other toys…

He starts gently playing with the smallest vibrator – sliding it in and out of Alice’s ass. “New interesting sensation of fullness”, Alice thinks looking at the back of his head, his wide shoulders and chocolate skin contrasting so beautifully with her milky skin shade.

The more he explores and the deeper he goes, the stronger is the sensation of the movement, a larger vibrator is slowly going in… He’s now touching her clit and vaginally at the same time… What an amazing combination of sensations – from strong to mild, from high to low, a complete feeling of fullness. “Fill all my holes” comes to Alice’s mind from a recent von Trier’s movie she watched.

Thoughts start escaping her, she’s gasping, moaning and screaming. Multiple sensations swallow her, she’s in deep trans of pleasure. Surrendering to his touch, his magic.

Sense of fullness. Sense of fulfillment. How often she longs for this feeling. Physically, emotionally, spiritually. How hard it is at times to keep the sensation of wholeness in our world full of separation and despair. Sexual play brings on the feeling of union. Physical and, if you’re lucky, deeper intimacy, love, surrender and spiritual connection.


The ultimate reunion.

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