Double Water Play

Warm summer night. Backyard is full of luscious greenery, deep blue pool water surface is reflecting mellow starry sky. The Latin Lover is appearing in the window, outside the house, knocking. Alice has been waiting for him… Slender, sexy, wearing her swim suit, ready to take a plunge in the pool under the stars.

“I missed you,” she says as he’s undressing her without making a sound.

“How are you? Aren’t you going to say ‘Hi’ to me?”

“I am doing it right now,” he responds – touching and kissing her.

“This is how I greet you”.

All of their clothes go off…

“But… the neighbors”? Alice says cautiously.

“Are you really worried about the neighbors?”

The water is cool and sleek, hugging them, caressing them, swallowing into its depth. Adding to erotic sensations of touch. They play in and out of water. “He’s so creative and versatile” Alice is thinking laying on top of the water, watching the stars, enjoying his lips on her clit.

“He’s here” – says the Latin Lover. She turns around – it is her Husband. “Will you join us?”

Two men, one woman, in the pool. “Come closer, I want to feel you both!” Kissing one at a time, touching – thank God for two hands! Feeling their firm sexy bodies underneath the cool water, sensing their touch and mouths on her. Getting loud…

Time to warm up – a hot steamy shower – all three together in it.

Water… represents life, rebirth and pure happiness. That’s exactly how Alice is feeling right now. Birthing into an embodied sexual priestess, feeling pure happiness, joy and expansion. Redefining herself as a free, divinely sexual creature… Feeling as though a unique water healing ritual is taking place.

And as a culmination – even more liquid. This time all over the bed, carpet… Floor… Yep, quite messy – when you’re dealing with Alice, you’re facing a lot of cleaning afterwards…

But the sights, sounds and taste are completely worth the work!

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