Prison Rape

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Silence. The type of silence that is ringing in your ears. Alice is in a small room, in a basement, on a mattress. Face down. Kneeling with her hands behind her back, blind-folded. Awaiting the prison guard just as he told her to. Feeling uneasy, hesitant, scared. Upstairs door opens and locks behind someone. Distant […]


The Body Beloved

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My Dear reader, This story is about a body. My body. Going down the memory lane… Growing up and being bombarded with images of what one should and should not look like… As a teenager, looking at myself in the mirror and finding myriads of things that were not up to the standard. Blaming them […]


Orgasm on Demand

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Sex Club. Evening. Different types of rope, floggers, nipple clamps, vibrators and other toys from sensual heaven – all beautifully laid out on the old wooden table, eager to be used for play. Hedon takes a very long piece of slick red rope and starts creating an intricate Hishi Karada pattern on Alice’s body. The […]

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On Letting Go…

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My Dear Reader, Polyamorous lifestyle requires quite a bit of letting go… Letting go of people you’ve just met or been intimate with… Letting go of dreams, hopes and ideas that came to an end. Letting go of stories of what has happened and whose fault it was. Forgiving myself and others. Accepting what is. […]

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Sexy Lunch

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Café. Lunch time. Taking a break from work. Alice and G. are sitting in front of each other, talking, looking like an ordinary couple having a quiet meal.

You, my dear reader, must know by now that things are not always what they seem… Especially when it comes to Alice… She has a clit/G-spot vibrator inside, he – the remote control and a chastity device on.