My Sanctuary

When I feel down. When a disappointment creeps in… When I feel a need to blame myself or the other, I get still.

I do my best to surround my stories on what went wrong with awareness, space and acceptance.

I go to my sanctuary.

It’s a beautiful wooded forest with a quiet water creek. It speaks to me.

I can watch the little waterfall hidden in the woods and learn from it. It flows regardless of the obstacles that are in its way. It doesn’t judge them to be negative or positive, it embraces them and finds ways of going around them. It’s happy, joyful, serene, reflective and soothing.

I hug a tree. It grounds me.

I feel the agelessness and surrender to what is. I tell it my sorrows – it always listens. It’s deeply rooted into the Earth that holds us no matter what. I feel the sensation of the firm ground underneath my feet. This gives me strength.

I find a reverie in music, by playing the piano I become one with the sound. By painting I become one with the color and imagery. By dancing I become one with movement. By meditating I become one with the energy.

By going deeper I feel the union I seek. Oneness. Where no one is at fault and all we are is love.

What is your sanctuary?

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