Body Painting

Her Art

Bright Yellow. Sparkly Gold. Deep, Rich Brown. Black and white. Her brushstrokes are covering his dark muscular body, chest, abs. She’s stroking his skin with various brushes, applying silky smooth body paint all over his torso. His eyes are closed. The Man is focusing on the sensation of the bristles on his skin.

His sensitive nipples become the eyes, a nose ends around the navel… Furry beautiful animal, strong, passionate Lion becomes more and more pronounced with each new stroke that Alice adds. The Man starts flexing his chest muscles; and the lion comes alive. He moves, he frowns, he growls. The king of the jungle is waiting, he’s relaxed, confident and ready for his next prey.

Tension is building. Alice is feeling really turned on by this dance of sensual stimulation and creativity. Animal magnetism. She’s getting a throbbing sensation in her pussy. “Please fuck me”,- she says looking into his dark eyes.

Thigh high gray boots, black stockings, black bodysuit, wavy hair, long eyelashes… Seductive and confident, Alice is sitting on top of him now playing with his chocolate dick. Stroking, licking. So much chemistry, attraction, longing… She’s pacing herself sensing this incredible tension inside.

The Lion seems asleep. Or is he? Suddenly, he shifts her into a 69. Jungle King starts licking her – there’s so much pleasure, intensity, chemistry. They come at the same time in an orgasmic explosion.

Her bodysuit is now bright yellow, sparkly gold, brown. Lion’s face is imprinted into her face, chest and abs. He fucks her the way only he can. Sensually, passionately, aiming exactly for her G-spot with the tip of his beautiful sensitive cock. She screams and squirts multiple times… 

His Art

It’s now his time to paint.

Locked in a position, Alice is unable to move. She’s standing with her back facing him. The Man is touching her lightly. Sensually stroking her breasts, ass, body. Then, at times, the wild animal in him comes out. He slaps her ass. Non mercifully. Strongly. It stings. Alice retracts back, away from him.

His hands are again seducing her with light, sensual kindness. She’s sticking her ass out longing to receive more of the these loving sensations. She’s moving closer to him to feel the bulge in his pants, only to receive another portion of painful, strong hand slaps.

She’s wet, hot and intently in the moment. His hand is teasing her clitoris. Followed by a slap again. A kind stroke. A strong pull on her nipples. A light caress of her breasts, back, ass. His knee is now between her legs. She so longs for his cock… And a strong slap interrupts the pleasurable sensation leaving the lingering sting. Alice has never felt so much pain. What an animal.

She loves and hates this game at the same time. It’s so addictive… “Please don’t stop” she says. “Just don’t stop”. The Man is suddenly feeling generous, so he leaves his hand on her clit a bit longer. Just long enough for her to squirt all over his palm and the floor.

Animal magnetism. Sensual body painting. Alice comes home with colorful marks on her ass, and with even more vibrant memories imprinted into her soul. Happy. Fulfilled. Expressed.

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