Submission Birthday Present

“I have a birthday present for you”, – he said smiling. “I need you to dress in a sexy and dominant way”. Alice felt a rush of excitement run through her body. She quickly changed into gray leather thigh high boots, black lacy stockings, a slick bodysuit and joined him on the bed.

He looked so tempting – dark, handsome and fit, laying naked on the sheets. She leaned into him and rested her head on his shoulder. As soon as her head touched his chocolate muscular arm and her breasts – his strong chest, Alice started feeling this steamy, deep energy of attraction that she’s always experienced with him “Can’t keep my hands to myself”, – a popular song came to her mind.

“I know you’ve been exploring your dominant side”, – he said. This is a Fem Dom video I downloaded for you. The Man was holding a phone in his hand. “We can watch it together and reenact the scene if you’d like… Well, some of it…”, – he added after a slight hesitation. “You know I’d be doing it for you as I’m not submissive”.

… The video started running. In it, a beautiful dominatrix was playing with a male sub. She was ordering him around, making him please her, worship her, inflicting pain and teasing.

Alice started getting aroused watching the video and feeling Him so close to her. His cock became big, beautiful, so enticing. Alice started slipping out of the video dream and into the reality. She couldn’t ignore the sensual wave of chemistry that was covering her whole being.

“On your hands and knees!”, – she commanded.

He was now facing the pillow, chocolate arms thrust against the white sheets, crouching as a black panther. His muscular ass was sticking out, wide shoulders pressed against the pillow. “What a magical sight” Alice thought to herself.

She started playing with him – light sensual touches against his muscular tight abs, wide shoulders, hips, a strong pull on his nipples, a slap on his ass. Stroking his cock – he’s so excited… More pleasure and pain. Pinching his nipples… So sensitive. He reacted strongly to the pain yet became even harder… Such a trooper – taking it all for her pleasure. “Perhaps, he does enjoy being submissive after all” – she wondered with a smile.

Alice started grinding against his leg while stroking his cock and slapping his ass, dominating this Alpha male really turned her on. She was so close to coming.

Quickly, she turned him around and pressed her clit against his hard cock. One second later she squirted all over his cock and the bed. He gasped.

The Man could not take the teasing any longer. He quickly entered her. That very first thrust… It always feels magical, doesn’t it? And so anticipated…

“Your pussy is so tight”, – he said. “And you’re sexy as hell”, – she responded… They orgasmed simultaneously. A few more times… A great birthday present indeed!

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