Mr. Incognito

“…Wear stockings and heels. No bra. You have perfect tits just as the are. I want you to embody your sensuality, and I want to feel it radiating from you. Do you understand? No perfume. I like the smell of a woman. Maybe everyone will smell your sex filling the room…”

“Holly smokes”, – thought Alice reading Mr. Incognito’s note just prior to their first date. She felt a mix of resistance and attraction building inside. Who is he to tell her what to wear and how to behave. So cocky. She has never allowed such an objectification in her life. “No one will ever direct me this way”, – she said to herself.

A Goddess/Seductress in her was in rage. She would put up a fight. Better yet – cancel the date. Alice noticed that there was another voice in her. It was a voice of a Prey. “Wouldn’t it be fun to play this game? Exciting? Dangerous?”

“What would it feel like to completely let go and submit?”

She met him at a café. Attractive, stylish man. Charismatic, self-confident, worldly, polished, creative. Great listener. Sexy. They spoke about their lives, art, energy and spirituality.

“Come sit with me”, – he said tapping on his bench. Alice listened and moved closer.

All words seemed to have fallen away. Strong, primal chemistry replaced them.

Silently and abruptly, he pulled her by her hair close to his face. “Kiss me”, – he directed. Alice couldn’t believe the surreal change. From a well polished gentlemen, Mr. Incognito changed into a Dominant Beast. She pulled back. He took an ice cube, parted her lips and put it in her mouth. “I want to take a photo of your sensual luscious lips”, – he said. “Lick them for me”, – he said taking out his cell phone.

Alice couldn’t believe how offhandedly, disrespectfully and abruptly he treated her. How he took charge of her without any regard for how she felt. No consent. No culture. Primal. A predator. She retracted.

He felt the change in her energy. He asked what had happened. She explained that a forceful energy creates the same reaction in her. Minutes later, they were back to their intellectual conversation on passions and art.

…That wild preview… She had to taste him – Alice was naturally curious, you know. They left the café.

“Ok… I will kiss you”, – she said when they got into the car. Looking at his lips, his bright shining eyes – starting to sensually play with his tongue, she closed her eyes.

That was NOT his style. “Open your eyes”, – he directed. She obeyed. “Good girl” he said with a smile. “Fuck”, she thought to herself, “How dare he call me a good girl”. A Goddess in her was enraged. But she said NOTHING. A Prey in her seemed to enjoy this type of treatment…

“Open”, – he continued directing her. She opened her mouth in a total disbelief of her own reaction. He abruptly inserted his tongue into her open mouth and made her passionately suck on it, she felt a fire starting to burn inside of her. She longed to be controlled and hated it at the same time.

He acted just like an animal. Passionately fucking her mouth with his tongue, licking her, acting mad. His hand trying to get a hold of her breast. She pulled away. He strongly and passionately bit her lower lip.

Still with her eyes open, she stopped in a stunned way. There was a mix of fear and excitement as well as rage. Is he insane? She had no idea what to expect from him. She couldn’t wait for him to leave the car. But once he did, she couldn’t stop thinking about this. Alice was clearly torn…

The next day, she received the following note:

“…You’ve been pretending to let go. You need to embrace it.
I can tell. You want to submit. You want to experience it.

And when you do. It will be hot beyond belief. Exhilarating.
I can be very patient. I like to be offered…”

Will Alice embrace her inner Prey? Will she ever see him again? Only the time will tell…

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