PhD in Sexuality

Imagine a perfectly shaped, beautiful, huge black cock. In Alice’s skillful hands … Inside of her hungry mouth. Yep, it was “The Latin Lover to the rescue!!” Alice has not been feeling her usual self lately. She found dating to be a challenge.

When all else fails – you look for comfort and adventure with someone you have known forever… “When one door closes, another opens.”

They’ve met at the gym, over two years ago. Seductive and smooth Colombian man. Mature, sexy as hell, smart, with an aura of confidence and sensuality. She sensed him right away. Saw… Smelled… Felt… He used to stand behind her in an aerobics studio class. Complimenting her on her moves, twice a week, seducing with his eyes and words, taking his time. She was married and relatively inexperienced in this game of seduction.

Sex club, heated pool – she’s gliding against his naked body. Kissing, touching, feeling his energy, his touch. Cumming. Screaming.

It’s a pole dancing night – Alice is learning the moves, moving with confidence and grace. The Latin Lover is watching her and smiling. Proud of who she has become.

“Let’s get the ice – I need it crushed” she says. He’s puzzled but asks for crushed ice in a glass.

Ice blow job. He’s never heard of that before.

Exciting – cold and warm sensations. She’s playing with his dick. Days/months of practice and research. Flawless technique. The Man is smiling. “You have learned a lot! I haven’t seen you in 6 months and you seem to have gotten a PhD in sexual pleasure!”

His cock inside of her tight cunt. Feels like she’s going to explode. So huge. He’s so great at fucking, taking charge and moving her into various positions. “If you go any deeper, I feel it’s going to come out of my mouth” she says with a smile… They laugh. The sounds he makes, the screams that come out of her mouth… The world is standing still. People watch, come and go – it’s an intense moment of pleasure that lasts forever.

She was daydreaming about him, masturbating thinking of his beautiful body and sexy mind. His dark eyes, the accent that drove her insane, confident voice, masculine tight physique. Longing for his touch. Pretending to stay cold on the outside – feeling hot and bothered on the inside. How could she taste him – she was a married woman.

Months later. Yes, he was that patient… Long conversations with her husband. Pain. Joy. Agreement to open the marriage. Finally tasting him and realizing that she could not own him.

“Open the palms of your hands and let the water settle into them”, – he said. “Allow for it to flow of its own accord and it’ll stay with you”. “Squeeze it – and it’s gone”.

Along with the art of sexuality she was learning priceless lessons on letting go and allowing others to be who they are.

Bringing him to the verge of an orgasm, she stopped and smiled. “I now need lots of lube, and you need my permission to cum” she said – he nodded and smiled. Cool lube, her hands on his cock. Playing, teasing, bringing him to the edge and stopping. He’s surprised and enjoying it so much. After a prolonged tease she lets him come. He’s in a different world. Enjoying a strong and a very long orgasm. Relaxed. Happy. Smiling. “I think it’s a Post Doc…” he says. “You’ve come a long way. Could we have known that things would turn out the way they did?”

Letting the water flow the way it does. Enjoying its waves. With no expectations. Who knows how many tricks Alice will learn till they meet again.

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