Lights. Camera. Action.

A pair of fishnets, black leather boots, and a sexy black leather body harness is hugging Alice’s tight body. Hair, make-up… Happy and seductive, Alice is ready to pose…

Another erotic photo shoot is about to start on a typical Sunday afternoon at her house… The husband is setting up the lights and checking the camera lenses.

Alice is so excited to model. What a wonderful mix of sexuality and artistic expression, her favorite combination.

Alice is such an exhibitionist… She loves seducing with her photos

~ A beautiful round ass shot, slightly open so voyeurs can see a bit of her cunt
~ A sensual arch in her back and sexy curves of her nicely shaped breasts with hard nipples
~ Seductive wet mouth and captivating eyes
~ A hand on her clit… Just perfect

She’s changing poses, dancing in front of the camera, seducing the camera man. “Feel how wet you are”, – he directs. Alice inserts a finger into her vagina. This photo shoot is turning into a prolonged foreplay…

She’s wet and quite turned on. It must be hard for him to take all of these photos… Hard being the keyword – she laughs.

Alice slowly removes the leather harness, standing in front of a window. She sits down on a red ottoman. Such a passionate color… The soft fabric of the seat is brushing against her clitoris and open lips of her pussy. She’s dripping wet. Their eyes meet. She starts to seductively pleasure herself looking straight into the camera lens. He smiles and their eyes meet.

Fast, he puts the camera down and starts licking her throbbing clit, then fucking her hard… There’s no stopping this passionate process of creation that has reached its apogee.

Later they cuddle and look through photos. Select the best ones, edit and post. For others to enjoy… Sharing their passion for love and creativity.

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