Kiss the Girl

Ava… Her name was Ava. A hot, tall and spicy blonde.

First time Alice spotted her at a Domme party. Ava was wearing black stockings, thigh high leather boots, beautiful body suit that accentuated her sexy round ass and a statuesque body. She had a presence that commanded instant attention. Playful, seductive, powerful.

As she was coming down the stairs, a woman close to Alice commented “I’d give anything to have her ass… Anything!”

“I need to take my dress off” immediately thought Alice. Ava’s mere existence at the party where all women were wearing proper cocktail dresses gave Alice a permission to flaunt her lingerie and be her usual exhibitionist and seductive self.  She went upstairs and quickly changed.

When conversations wound down and guests started slowly trickling into the basement play areas, Alice followed the crowd. A few interesting scenes were taking place and Alice was intently watching participants’ every move, she so longed to learn the art of Domination.

There was an empty cross in front of Alice, right in the middle of the room. In a few minutes, Ava came into the spotlight. She cuffed her handsome partner and started gently spanking him. Then flogging. And the spectacle has begun.

Ava was quite a show woman, so much spunk, such a sense of humor.

Soon the whole room was laughing at her jokes, playing into the plot of the scene and watching her every move.  “Tell everyone the reason for your punishment,“ – said Ava with a smile giving the man a chance to redeem himself. “I said you were the most beautiful woman in the world…” he responded respectfully. “Yes…”, – she said, adding a few extra stingy hits in hope to encourage the proper answer.

“… And you’re the most beautiful woman in the whole universe!” he mumbled through pain. “Yep… The difference is HUGE, don’t you think?”, – she concluded and returned to relentlessly painting his tight ass with red marks of her inexorable flogger.

Alice laughed. Ava smiled. She looked around the room and their eyes met.

… New gathering, new place. A munch. Alice is here to socialize and explore. Learn. Meet. Chat. Lots of wonderful kinksters. Great conversations. New friends. Amazing mentors!

The same head-turning energy, blonde hair, tall sexy woman is coming into the room – commanding attention, seductive, witty and charming. Ava… She comes close – starts a friendly chat with Alice. Hugs. Jokes. Smiles.

Suddenly the energy shifts. “Is she flirting with me”, – Alice is wondering in disbelief.

“I wonder what it would feel like to kiss you”, – says Ava.

Immediately, the room full of 80 people gets dead quiet. Alice feels intense rays of the spotlight… Familiar sense of adrenaline rush. She’s excited. The time is at a stand still…

“I’ve never kissed a woman”,- she hears herself say. “Would you like to give it a try?” says Ava seductively moving closer to Alice as her eyes sparkle. Alice smiles and nodes. The crowd starts loudly cheering them on and clapping.

A sensual, sexy kiss. Soft lips, playful, passionate, hungry play of lips and a tongue… A round of loud applause. They’ve put on quite a show!

Permission to experiment. Experience. Be playful, seductive, enjoy the spotlight. Ava’s free spirited, bright and strong feminine energy has yet again allowed Alice the freedom to be who she was.

In this hot scene. At the bar. Smack in the middle of a large city.

“…You gotta kiss the girl…”

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