A Special Nachos Dip

“Today I’d like you to edge yourself, bring yourself close to an orgasm and stop. Do it right before your performance. Do not wear underwear during the set. Feel your hard cock brushing against your pants as you perform. When you play, surrounded by many people – I want you to be very aware of the game we play. Of how it makes you feel. Your fantasies… Desires… and how dirty your thoughts are…”

“I wanted to be a good boy for you… I followed your instructions to the T… My pants were soaked with precum…I had to take my shirt out and pull it in front of my pants… And as I was playing, it felt like I was anticipating something really dirty… Like my horny wet cock was literally leaking cum every few seconds. While I “happily” played the songs and people were dancing around me… They were completely unaware of the raging sex drive and how badly I wanted to be touched, swallowed, how urgently I wanted to fuck at that second!!! It felt primal…”

Sitting in front of this handsome clean cut Musician for the very first time, following a bit of steamy long distance domination, Alice looked at him with a smile. Sexy haircut, playful sparkling eyes, short stubble, pressed white short, dressy pants.

He looks interesting and interested. Nervous? Alice is looking straight into his eyes with a confident and seductive stare; and the man lowers his eyes. Submissive… He’s feeling submissive with her.

She’s wearing a tight gray dress extenuating her curves, black leather boots. Long eyelashes, beautiful big eyes, sensual lips – Alice’s feeling powerful, sexual and seductive. Embracing her Inner Goddess and Siren. This head space feels so good and sweet. In charge. Directive. Mischievous.

“I have an idea of how we could spice up this evening,” says Alice in a lowered sexy voice. He glances at her with a bit of an anxious and excited look. Nodes – he’s up for anything. Complaisant.

“I want you to come up to the server and ask for a small bowl.” She says with a mischievous smile. “These nachos are a bit bland you see… I quite dislike the dip”. She pauses and lets the anticipation build, looking directly into his eyes “I need your help… A magic ingredient per say. A special dip for this special night.”

The man pauses… Blushes? Smiles – in disbelief… Nodes.

“Yes, Mistress…” he says. “I just need a bit of time to collect myself”. She doesn’t quite understand what he means. Is he disobeying her?

To explain he briefly gets up so she can clearly see a bulge in his pants. She is instantly tuned into this hot and steamy raging sexual energy he’s experiencing right this second. This handsome, sexy man that is always in charge in his real life, is feeling embarrassed, very excited and quite literally unable to walk at the moment… He’s instantly turned on, by sheer anticipation of this dirty game.

So funny… Hot. Alice is loving an effect her ideas and domination have on him. She is feeling quite proud of herself.

A few minutes later he bravely walks up to the bar, asks for a bowl and disappears into the rest room. Only to come back with a mystical elixir in a take out container. “Here IT is,” he says sheepishly and puts the bag UNDER the table.

“Good boy,” she responds. “But you’re not planning on taking this to go, are you? Please open the package”. She directs him with a smile.

He’s feeling anxious, out of place, yet follows her orders and opens up the container covered in warm cum and puts it ON the table.

“I want to watch you EAT the nachos using the dip,” Alice says with a chuckle. Please keep in mind that we’re in a public space… I wonder what the server and others are thinking about you right now… I hope you will enjoy this treat”.

He looks at her in disbelief. However, submission is the name of the game. She’s confident he will please his Mistress…

The Musician takes a first nacho, bravely dips it in the special creamy sauce of his own making and eats. Like a real trooper. One More… and another.

“I actually quite prefer this dip,” he says dipping more nachos in. They laugh and discuss various ways of commercializing this project as his dip is definitely superior, fresher and more nutritious than the regular brand.

He’s enjoying the experiment, feeling aroused and embarrassed at the same time. A perfect combination of covert public humiliation, seduction and submission. Alice loves embracing her dominant and creative nature.

She dips her finger into the sauce and slowly licks it with pleasure. It does indeed taste good. It seems pretty obvious now that neither of them would ever look at the nachos the same again…


~ Photo Credit: Andrew Mann

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