The Night of Carnal Desires

It was Musician’s first time at a Sex Club. Alice has volunteered to corrupt this clean cut, handsome, well-mannered man by introducing him to the naughty playground.

Not knowing what to expect, he was feeling a whirlpool of anxiety and excitement. Dressed in black pants, t-shirt that hugged his firm body, rocking a pompadour hairstyle, the Musician bravely opened the club’s door.

All the pleasures of an adult playground presented themselves right away… Naked couples in provocative positions, porn video screens, people wearing fetish and latex attire, a dungeon, playrooms, a swimming pool full of naked bodies…

“Let’s change,” said Alice. Musician looked at her with anticipation… “Will you please unzip my dress?” she asked in a seductive lowered voice moving closer to him so he could smell her scent. He complied. The opened dress zipper revealed a black slightly translucent bodysuit that was hugging her curves and showing off her beautiful round ass. Black lacy stockings. Tall leather boots. Alice looked very seductive in this already highly sexually charged atmosphere. The Musician immediately got aroused. She smiled.

“Today, you need to follow my lead,” she said. “I will be your Mistress and will guide you through this naughty labyrinth of human desires.” “Yes, Mistress” said the Musician. “Good boy” she smiled. “Now, get naked!” she commanded.

His face has changed in disbelief. He looked at her with a mix of anxiety and fear. He couldn’t imagine being naked in front of so many people. “Mistress, as this is my first time here, could I wear a translucent pair of underwear I bought for this special occasion” he pleaded to her. “Let’s see them,” said Mistress with a frown.

The Sub has changed into a pair of sheer underwear with a built in cock ring. Alice glanced at him and couldn’t keep her eyes away from his muscular tanned body, tight ass and mouthwatering looking dick tucked into the white-tinted underwear. “I guess, it’ll do” she said trying to hide her excitement and act authoritative as the role has prescribed.

What was Mistress’s devious plan for the evening? To strip the Sub of any shame and decency… Accept the inevitable fate of her full ownership. Adhere to her every desire. In short – train him to Fully Submit to Her Will.

“I need you to walk around the pool slowly, making eye contact with others. Be very aware of how you’re parading around literally naked and feel the sexual charge of people’s reactions”. The Sub paused for just a moment, took a deep breath, and compliantly went around the pool. Several men and women followed him with lustful stares. He responded to their looks and continued walking. “Good boy,” she smiled. “I want everyone to now see how excited and aroused you get,” she said and lubed her hands.

She started playing with his cock and he immediately became aroused, hard, leaking pre-cum. “Exposed for all to see. So naughty. Such a slut” she said playing with him. Making him hard right in front of couples swimming in the pool, directly below open windows of a tall condominium. Open for the whole city to see. Horny. In her full Control.

That evening the Sub learned that he loved being put on display, a pinch of humiliation made it ever so sweeter. Edging him was such a fun game for the Mistress. “I will play with you all night. I want you to  stay wet and horny, my sexy Slave.”

They went in and out of rooms, watched other BDSM scenes. In a room full of people Alice’s arousal reached it’s peak: “I’m going to use you now”, she noted, guided him to a bed between other couples, unbuttoned the bottom of her body suit and set on his face. “Lick my pussy and don’t you dare miss a drop!” she commanded. He was so horny, so complaisant, so happy to please. He made her cum in no time at all leaking, kissing her lips and clit, drinking in all of her juice. “Good boy”.

He felt great. Pleasing his Mistress, tasting her for the very first time. His hands started exploring her body he So wanted to do it this whole night…

“Did you just touch me without my permission?” she raised her voice. “On your knees, ass in the air, right now!” she demanded. He astonishingly complied. Others watched as she started spanking his tight ass. Hard.

The more pain and burn he felt, the more focused attention he sensed, the more aroused he got. His dick hard, longing to explode.

“Don’t you ever disobey me – do you understand?” she asked slapping his ass. “Yes, Mistress”. Happy with the color of his ass and his response she stopped… And they continued the exploration.

At the end of the evening, the Mistress led him up a winding staircase to the top floor. Sexual energy was very thick here, moans, hard breathing, pounding, sexual tension between people and ultimately lustful releases filled the room. They settled into a corner.

To see and be seen. This is where she’d finally let him touch her. This was the place where she’d finally allowed him to cum. In a strong, powerful orgasm. Etching the memories of this crazy carnal night deeply into his whole being. Only to return again…

6 thoughts on “The Night of Carnal Desires

  1. “Today, you need to follow my lead,”

    “Now, get naked!” she commanded.

    “I’m going to use you now”,

    “Lick my pussy and don’t you dare miss a drop!” she commanded.

    “He made her cum in no time at all leaking, kissing her lips and clit, drinking in all of her juice.”

    These statements are powerful, evocative and speak to the WOMAN’S desires and needs. She is taking responsibility and ownership of her pleasure. She is making her pleasure a priority for both of them. Two people on the same wavelength with one and the same goal. His sexual energy is reserved/conserved for her in order to be able to meet her needs when she so desires. His passion/lust are directed to her for her benefit and channeled to an emotional release as opposed to a physical one. This is a better outcome for both in the long run. It is about being the best we can be, reaching our sexual/sensual potential and being true to our natures and deepest needs.

    A GENTLEMAN in public and HER SLAVE behind closed doors…….naked, on his knees, locked in chastity, collared and leashed. Crawling towards HER SHRINE, the lips swollen wide open, wet with her arousal and her unique musky scent, filling his nostrils, he is dripping in anticipation. You have what he wants…..NO NEEDS and you both know and understand this. He is where he belongs between your thighs, his mouth glued to your sex like his life depends on it. He is paying homage to your femininity/sexuality. Anoint him with your precious feminine fluids…..cover his face, mouth , tongue with your essence. Don’t hold back…..give him everything you have. You are receiving more than oral service from him. He is showing reverence for YOUR SACRED CUNT. He is your slave, a servant to your female flesh.

    If what I have written resonates/appeals to you, I would ask you to please read my profile…..herway… (my photos are the last 3.) I am a mature, masculine, single GENTLEMAN, sensual, intelligent, unusually passionate and genuinely giving. I have a muscular, lean and smooth body……I am very active/fit and healthy.

    I am seeking a mature, intelligent, woman with a good body, who is confident in herself and expressing her sexuality. Someone who would appreciate, understand and accept a man of my desires/inclination. Once she has accepted me, her expectations are that I will please her to the best of my ability. Mutual respect and appreciation for what each brings to the dynamic. Wanting that magical/spiritual connection created when a woman is served/worshipped and pleasured unselfishly by a man.



    1. Thank you for your beautiful and passionate words Brian, I appreciate your interest. My life is very full at the moment. So I’m not able to entertain your offer. Very kind of you!

      1. Thank you for your kind words. I do understand/appreciate that you have many admirers, of both sexes, that are seeking your favours. I know and respect that you are highly selective as you should be. I know that in order to stand out and get your attention, one must put out an effort and be prepared to work hard and earn it. When you have to earn something, it is appreciated more and not taken for granted. I also respect the fact you are married, have children and a life. I do not want to complicate things, but complement you. Be an asset for you.

        I am sure most of your male admirers desire to penetrate you for primarily their own pleasures. While these men have their place and usefulness, this is something that is relatively easy to find for a woman with your appeal. Virile males who desiring and capable in the art of fucking women, of course will always be in demand.

        What is not easy to find is a man, a gentleman, who is a true slave and adheres to the protocols/beliefs/behaviours that have thousands of years of history. It is a mindset, an attitude and a belief system that this is what nature intended. And that this is the way it should be. This is re-enforced in the male by the fulfillment, peace and contentment he experiences. Being used and of us to the woman he desires completes him in a way nothing else does. There is a deeply spiritual aspect to unselfish service, a magical connection that unfortunately few women experience.

        A slave does not consumate his desire for the woman he is serving. He will not penetrate her and as such he will never know the warmth and depth of HER WOMANHOOD. As such she remains a mystery to him. I find this aspect particularly appealing and beautiful. He is not her boyfriend or lover, his chastity making this his reality. Knowing that other men are getting something I am not is for me particularly emotionally/sexually. arousing.

        “If she is worthy; she won’t be easy. If he is worthy of her attentions; he won’t give up” Alice, there is very little I would not do to bring you physical, emotional and psychological satisfaction. I have no reservations/inhibitions when it comes to pleasuring a woman I desire. I am very open and receptive to suggestions. It is about YOUR needs….YOUR desires in every sense of the word. My role/purpose is to meet those needs and desires.

        I have excellent availability, working from home and being able to make my own hours. I do love early mornings should this be of interest. I live in a very nice, modern, clean, well kept home in an upscale area in the Avenue Rd. and Lawrence area.

        I would ask you to speak to me and then meet me if you feel there is potential.

        Sincerely and respectfully,


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