Soul Sex

Evening yoga class tease… Tight pants hugging Alice’s round ass. Short top. Exposed tight abs. Musician – so close to her, wearing short yoga pants, holding difficult poses, looking at her intently.

Sparks flying… or are those butterflies flattering their wings just underneath her solar plexus?

He brushes his hand against her body – as if by mistake. Her palm is in his during the shavasana…

“I want my scent on you like an animal. I want to cum all over you, in your pussy, chest, back, ass…” he says as they get home. “Let’s shower,” she smiles.

“I love your smell. I want to taste you right after the workout. Take you JUST AS YOU ARE”.

She stops for a moment in a bit of a shock…

In our culture full of pretense, we mask our smells with perfume and deodorants… We speak sweetly while thinking bitter or sad thoughts. We cover up our wounds with fake smiles.

He wants to SMELL HER. TASTE HER the way SHE IS. It feels primal… and AUTHENTIC. His words touch her deeply.

Can she allow him SEE HER in her vulnerable/un-masked state? Physically, emotionally, spiritually… Would he turn away if she does?

A feeling of his unconditional acceptance covers her like a soft warm blanket. It allows her to be who she is without a pretense. To push her boundaries and dare being more open and vulnerable. To share her darkness with him as well as her light.

He rips her yoga clothes off and licks her pussy, thighs and feet clean.

There’s a sense of liberation in allowing him to do this. Being seen and received in what she has always perceived as a “dirty state”.

She stares into his green eyes as he fucks her like an animal. “I want to be closer to you” he growls as though as it’s humanly possible to get even closer than two deeply intertwined hot human bodies. She’s looking into his eyes and feels animal magnetism and a sense of merging. Overcome with a primal desire, she’s biting, licking, kissing him. The sounds he makes, the way he throws her around and enters her are incredibly animal-like and arousing.

Suddenly she’s sensing a totally different dimension. From the intense animal-like physical connection, she’s starting to fall into his eyes. Deep into his chest. Beyond the physicality of the moment. Their energy fields connecting as one. There’s a profound sense of union that can only be described as a soul connection.

Alice is overwhelmed by the depth and intensity of what is happening. As he comes violently inside of her, thrusting his cock deeper into her cunt, she’s feeling a sense of physical and spiritual oneness. Complete acceptance. Love. Joy. Tears start pouring out of her eyes, there’s no stopping them…

“I felt an incredible sense of connection,” he says as he’s wiping her tears…

“… As above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul…”

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