Stockade and a Swing

Medieval dungeon play space. Musician is looking pretty darn good standing naked in a room full of people… His neck and arms encased in a wooden stockade. His tight ass sticking out for everyone to see… His cock showcased on the other side of this medieval dungeon contraption… Quite a predicament he got himself into… of course not without her help. Feeling just like a caged animal. Unable to move…

He’s exposed and out of his element, yet excited for what’s to come. Musician patiently awaits, while Alice scouts a male friend to co-top him. Exposing him naked for the very first time in front of so many… Pushing his boundaries. Showing him off.

The Friend compliments Musician on his athletic physique, tight abs, beautiful ass… He teases and slaps his cock, nipples and ass. Masculine energy power exchange is happening right in front of Alice. It feels playful, dirty, manly and arousing. She’s so proud of her Sub, excited about the game. Eager to co-top. Aroused by the scene.

The two of tops combine pleasure, pain, humiliation and exhibitionism to create the best experience for this handsome man stuck in the stock as onlookers cheer them on…

When his pain reaches its apogee and Musician’s ass turns bright red, Alice starts playing with his cock. He looks so enticing, that she can’t hold off on her desire for him anymore… She licks and teases him, very sensually kisses him on the lips.

Musician hits the subspace and feel out of the world. There’s no more pain, all sensations become a titillated cocktail of exhilarating experiences… His cock becomes beautifully aroused, so much so that Alice starts worrying if he would ever be able to get out of the cock hole that seems to tighten around his hard dick each time she kisses him…

Words “sexy slut” are written on top of his tight red {literally} hot buns with a fountain pen. He has been officially branded. The scene is over. Alice is ready to go home.

“Not so fast,” says the Musician and takes her by the hand. “It is my turn now”. “I want to publicly fuck you so everyone in this dungeon can see and hear you,” he says with a smile… “No one is having sex here…” she responds puzzled. “Let’s go home honey”.

He firmly takes her hand and leads her to a swing. He locks her hands to the swing’s chains. She can see the beastly look in his eyes. He needs to take her RIGHT NOW and there’s no going back. A surge of hot steamy energy surrounds her. It happens each time he has this animal look on his face. She knows that he’s going to fuck her hard. Just like an uncaged animal. Just like a BEAST!

Restrained, laying on top of a black leather swing… Open, exposed and naked – Alice’s tight naked body with perky breasts looks incredible and attracts attention. She feels immediately submerged into a whirlpool of powerful emotions and sensations. The attention of others, primal look in his eyes, her naked reflection in the ceiling mirror, his gentle and at times rough touch, his words as he speaks dirty to her… She’s overwhelmed and reaches the point of not knowing what is happening around her.

He’s teasing her, slapping her ass, moving her in various directions. She’s getting loud, screaming in ecstasy as he commands her to turn around and put her ass in the air. She can distantly feel that he also gets onto the rocking swing. Suddenly, his cock enters her in a strong thrust. The musician fucks her hard while flogging her ass…

The time stands still. She feels violent heat radiating from them into the room and the rest of the dungeon space. Fire burning inside where his energy meets hers. She’s surrendering to his strength. Vaguely seeing blurred faces of surprised on-lookers. She can hear her own loud cries.

He removes his cock for just a second and she squirts in a violent fountain right onto the leather swing. As he’s thrusting his cock inside of her more and more THE NOW is magnificent. Addictive and timeless. Powerful. Something that has always been and always will be…

“NOW we can go babe,” he says with a chuckle gently stroking her back.

…Unable to get up. Move. Speak. It’ll be a while till she comes back from the place of timeless stillness and the white light into the reality.

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