Cuckold Fantasy

Hero’s journey is the path only strongest of us attempt to take. Facing the unknown, overcoming obstacles and infinitely changing oneself takes a lot of courage…” “Are you ready to embark on your own hero’s journey, Tracey?” says Alice looking mysterious and sensual. Today, she’s wearing black and red lingerie echoing geisha motifs. “Take a step towards realizing your dream. I will be your guide,” she extends a hand with a blind fold towards him.

Darkness. Tracey is on the bed, laying on his back. Naked. Exposed. Suddenly there’s a feeling of pressure – headphones with sensual music surround him. Unable to see or hear. At her complete mercy… Scared.

It seems like an eternity until he feels her hands on his body again. Various sensations follow – cold ice on his sides, Tracey shudders… Sharp blade around his neck, he gasps. Light sensation around his mouth. “Be open to receive anything that touches your lips,” he remembers her say. He opens his mouth and starts exploring the foreign object that ends up being a strawberry. Strong scent (essential oil) – completely unexpected… His body reacts and moves away. Sudden air movement hitting his body – flogger getting closer, stinging his feet, thighs, brushing against his genitals. He’s on the edge. On guard and out of control.

Then the pleasure follows – Alice is edging him, licking his cock. It’s a mix of nervousness and adrenaline. Sensual overload. Excitement. Submission.

Alice moves his headphones just enough to whisper into his ear “Don’t bite this one please, just lick”. Tracey feels gentle, silky sensations on his tongue, lips. He starts licking her pussy, she squirts while sitting on his face. He savors all of her juice. Till the very last drop.

Back to darkness and the music.

Suddenly the weight on the bed shifts, he’s anxiously trying to predict what comes next. “Stick out your tongue, Tracey, I hope you’re ready for the pinnacle of this adventure…” whispers the Temptress into his ears.

Suddenly a hard, fat and throbbing cock enters Tracey’s mouth. He starts sucking on it for the very first time, in a total disbelief. “You’re so good at socking cock, you’re such a good SLUT, aren’t you?” says Alice with a smile. “Yes,” Tracey replies with his mouthful.

“Get on your knees, I’ll teach you a few tricks”.

He can see and hear now. Alice and Tracey are playing with her Husband’s cock. She leads and he follows. “Good boy! Now lick it and don’t miss this sensitive spot! Good job… Twist a bit as you move up and down the shaft… And play with the tip while practicing the “popping” sound.” “Look at you, you’re so good with deep throating…”

“Now, get us ready, so my husband can fuck me good right in front of you”. Used as a servant. Personal lubricant. At her complete disposal.

Alice instructs Tracey to lick both her and her lover in between fucking. Watching the other male have his way with her, Tracey feels used, submissive and extremely aroused… Sexual energy is very thick and a steamy cloud of arousal and pleasure surround the trio…

“Now it’s your turn, you little slut”. She says and puts on her purple strap-on. “Lay on your back, spread wide for me. Open your pussy and be ready to receive”. Purple cock goes all the way into Tracey’s open ass. “Suck his cock as I penetrate you,” commands Alice while pleasuring him with her hand.

Tracey starts to deep throat. He feels exposed and excited. He swallows every inch of Husband’s fat cock, tasting his pre-cum at the back of the throat. The Sub starts going faster pushing the husbands cock deeper into his throat, while getting even more excited, completely enthralled into the cuckold fantasy and lost in a sexual haze.

Suddenly his own cock gets so hard that Alice gasps. Tracey breathes faster and starts to move uncontrollably in the throes of passion…

“You’re a total cock Slut, aren’t you?! You love it SO MUCH!” says Alice while fucking him. Tracey cannot contain himself anymore, he convulses and explodes in a strong, powerful orgasm, shooting cum all over himself.

I hope you’ve enjoyed your journey, my Hero,” says Alice with pride. “You have come back a changed man… And look how much of a magic elixir you’ve brought with you”. She laughs.

Tracey feels emotional, liberated and complete. Another door has been opened for him. A back door 😉 Who knows what other adventures are in store for him now.

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