In the light of love

He’s playing on stage…

Bright-colored projector lights grasp his presence out of the darkness and etch it into the memories of everyone watching. Tight dark grey t-shirt is hugging his athletic chest, sleek jeans fit him perfectly… Dare I mention: bare feet.

There’s something extremely sensual and primal about a handsome man playing drums, using his hands and bare feet. Moving his body rhythmically, entranced into the musical beat. Generously sharing his energy with the crowd.

High end bar. Alice has a front row seat. Black platform shoes, black sexy dress, long silver earrings – she’s all eyes and ears.

“Be careful what you wish for – you wanted to be madly in love and lust… Driving 40 minutes one way only to watch him for fifteen minutes and talk for ten, then spend the next forty going back… Because you are low on Vitamin Tracey… You got your wish honey,” she’s thinking to herself.

Red projector ray highlights his beautiful features. Red is for how passionate and sensual his face gets as he fucks her… His bear growls. The dirty talk… Tracey’s heat and sensuality instantly ignite Alice’s body. Steamy energy drives her insane. Red starts a fire inside of her. Lusty, electric throbbing sensation that radiates from Alice’s pussy up into her whole body lingering as sparks of electricity all over her skin. Leaving Alice breathless. Aroused. Longing for Tracey’s touch. Unable to keep her hands or her mouth away from him…

Green light hits his face and body – this one is for authenticity and love… Ability to be herself with him, cry without a limit, laugh until she loses her voice and gets tear-eyed. Green is for the beautiful loving energy he projects and she reflects back. Supportive, kind, accepting. Green is for gratitude of having him in her life. Commitment. Trust.

She sees a little boy in him when the blue light flickers on. A boy that has been through so much; the loneliness, despair, abuse… But more so – electric blue reflecting in her lover’s eyes highlights his playfulness, perseverance, creativity and thirst for knowledge. The playful mischievous boy welcomes the devilish queen in her… The shy little girl. Inquisitive woman. The seductive sexual slut.

Tantalizing white light highlights his silhouette moving in the rhythm of the music – she can’t see anyone else but him. The majestic energy that she feels at peaks of her ecstasy. Connection beyond this form. Depth, shining rays of light. The bond that makes her long for him when he’s not around; drive for hours until she gets a glimpse of his face… Finally touches his skin. Gives him a kiss. Just like an in-love teenage girl… That’s Alice for you…

The set is done. Lights are out. He’s so happy to see her – “What a wonderful surprise, babe! You made my evening. I didn’t think you’d come.”

His presence. His lips. His voice. She’s home.

“In the light of love we are whole
In the light of love we heal and sign…”

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