Make love not war

Alice couldn’t quite remember how their argument has started… She just found herself laying on the opposite side of a queen size mattress, enveloped into the darkness of the night, feeling quite defensive, lonely and cold.

Tracey was so close, just within her reach; but a feeling of a dissonance has kept them separate as though a palpable dividing wall ran smack in the middle of the bed, alongside their naked bodies.

Separation is the opposite of union. War and love cannot be experienced simultaneously… Or can they? Alice kept longing to feel him, but taking a step from one polarity into another meant giving up the fight…

“I want you,” she finally managed to squeeze out the stumbling words. The love has won.

Immediately she felt his hands on her skin. Caressing, bringing her closer to his warm athletic body. His passionate kisses. Intense. Fiery. It felt as though as Tracey was channeling the loneliness and the frustration he had just felt into their common fire, recycling the energy for the higher good. Two negative charges producing one positive spark.

She couldn’t see his face, the darkness around them was so profound that Alice’s other senses took over. Her skin became a highly sensitive playground for him to explore. She intently focused on how hungrily his hands squeezed her breasts, how his erect cock brushed against her tight abs.

She tuned into his animal growls. He sounded very primal and extremely loud. Roaring into her ear “You’re my food”.  For a second or two she actually believed him and felt shivers run down her spine… He stroke a cord of fear inside of her. Her skin was covered with goosebumps.

Tracey kept on manhandling her, molding her body with his hands, holding her down, forcing himself onto her. She felt just like a pray. Fight of Flight response kicked in; and the excitement has become unbearable.

The darkness played allies with this predator. Tracey was quick as a tiger, strong as a bear, unpredictable and very hungry. Hungry for her lips, her affection, her throbbing pussy.

His rough touch commanded submission. She felt extremely aroused and primal, as though they turned into two animals. Sniffing each other, grabbing, growling, scratching and biting.

The passionate energy between them was prickly and aggressive. Seconds later, they came simultaneously in a powerful and fiery explosion.

There was no residue left from the earlier argument. Tenderness and calmness surrounded them like a soft warm blanket. Lots of laughter and cuddling has followed.

Make up sex. There’s something about it… You should try! Make love not war.

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