Between a rock and a hard place

Alice was an exceptionally lucky woman. Every day she counted her blessings… Two soulful and healthy children – always pushing her boundaries and helping her grow while having fun along the way. A loving, open-minded and remarkable husband of 20 plus years. An amazingly playful, deep and creative boyfriend… Expressive freelance career… She was living a dream.

At times she did encounter the other side of the coin. Duality – there was no avoiding it. The highest peaks of happiness and joy do sometimes get balanced out but valleys of sorrow. Contractions follow expansions.

Just like a storm on a warm summer day…

… It was a bright summer day with no precipitation in sight… Suddenly, the sky started turning navy blue-gray; and heavy clouds appeared out of nowhere.

Alice’s husband was sitting on the floor, looking pretty miserable. His shoulders were slumped, face looking down, eyes lonely and sad… Alice looked at him and immediately realized that he was feeling jealous, emotional and lonely. She and Tracey were about to go upstairs and enjoy their date; but she stopped and asked “Honey, are you ok?”

The question seemed redundant, as she could clearly sense that he was anything but ok… Lonely. Sad. Lost. Just like a small child – locked up in a bedroom while adults were about to have fun upstairs. Laugh. Chat. Play.

She sat down beside him, trying to find some loving words to console and support. It seemed to her that the soft, fuzzy syllables she was showering him with were falling down on the floor just as colourful autumn leaves without having any effect on his state. It seemed that there was an impenetrable wall between his motionless body and her active erect stance. He was in his own world of pain and misery. “Can I watch you have sex?” he said after a moment of hesitation. “I know it’s your date night, I don’t want to ruin it for you; but I’m feeling incredibly lonely here by myself”. “I will ask“ she nodded and ran upstairs.

Tracey was sitting on the bed looking at his phone. He seemed upset and ticked off. “Babe, I’m sorry I was absent for a while – Alice murmured apologetically. “My Husband is feeling very emotional at the moment. I know we’ve done it before and we’ve always had fun – could he join us upstairs? To watch? Or have sex?” Tracey raised his eyes and intently looked at her for a while. She immediately felt some heaviness and pain.

The clouds were getting heavier and the sky – darker. The air smelled of storm. Birds started flying chaotically looking for a safe place to weather the rain and the wind..

“I was hoping to have some one on one time with you tonight. Now I feel like I’m in your way,” he said slowly finding the words, “Why don’t I go home and let you smooth things out with your husband. I don’t want to cause him any pain.” He started packing.

…The storm, the whole house was covered in it. Strong winds, rain, thunder and lightning…

Tears appeared in her eyes. Three very loving people under one roof, weathering a difficult moment together. Between a rock and a hard place. This is how Alice was feeling. Stuck. Loving both of them, unable to solve the problem, feeling guilty, useless and selfish. Tears pouring out of her eyes. Just processing and following the wave.

“Ask him to join us, please,” said Tracey after a pause. “I want to watch him fuck you.”

She looked at him and lit up. Alice quickly undressed and brought her husband into the bedroom. Tracey was sitting on the bed naked, aroused. “Suck my cock,” he directed “stick out your ass, I want to see how his thick cock penetrates you from behind”. She was incredibly excited, grateful. His unexpected directness, dominance really turned her on. A look on her husband’s content face was priceless.

Tracey’s cock in her mouth, husbands dick in her pussy. She was loud and on fire. “I want to hear your screams,” said Tracey moving her head off his cock.

Pleasure, intense pleasure – that’s what Alice was feeling. Two sets of hands on her perky breasts and her wet and throbbing cunt, touching her, making her come, a thick cock in her pussy… As her husband was passionately fucking her from behind, Tracey was directing her and watching her reaction. She was just like an animal in heat. Staring into his beautiful eyes, putting her head on his groin as she came multiple times, squeezing his hands. Feeling supported, directed and loved by both of these incredible men.

They took turns making her suck their cocks, all three came pretty much simultaneously and made a beautiful mess on the bed.

A shy rainbow found a beautiful reflection in their faces and spread across the room. The sun came out. The storm was over.

She counted her blessings holding both of them close to her. “I’m the luckiest woman alive” she said quietly with her eyes closed and a smile of bliss on her face.

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  1. Lovely story. A real, authentic moment of darkness, real emotions, resolved in a beautiful rainbow of contentment and pleasure. Very touching.

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