Corporal Punishment

“You’ve been very bratty lately. Questioning my authority. Disobeying. You deserve a punishment,” she hit a send button on her phone. Looking at his house from her car window. “Get immediately ready – naked, ass in the air, strap on close by… Open the back door and wait for me on your bed.”

“Where are you?” his frantic surprised text immediately follows.

“I’m the one asking questions here…”

The door is unlocked. She’s inside. Quietly walking towards a dark bedroom door. Military skin tight short suit is hugging her tight body. High platform shoes project an echo of confidence and power with each step that she takes towards her victim.

Alice feels omnipotent. Adrenaline, lots of adrenaline – all time and space feels compacted into this single moment of NOW driven by an intention to dominate and control. Use and Own. Let him experience helplessness and submission.

She sees him. Naked, athletically built man is spread out on the bed, face down, submissively waiting for her punishment.

Alice grabs his thick dark hair, turns his head around to face her. Surprise and tension are written all over her Sub’s face, his green eyes looking intently at her. Watching her every move, vigilant, anxious.

“I’m here to show you who owns you,” she speaks clearly, savouring every word. “Stick out your ass, I will make this punishment a memorable experience for you.”

“But babe…?”

“The response is: Yes, Mistress” – stern words followed by a strong and loud slap on his tight ass.

“Yes, Mistress!”

“When you disobey your Goddess, this is what you get,” continues Alice by mercilessly whipping his ass. “If anyone slaps you on the left cheek – what do you do, Tracey?” “I offer the right one, Mistress?” murmurs Tracey obligingly.

“Good boy! Mind you, I’d like to concentrate on your left one for a while… To really ingrain this lesson into your… soul!” she chuckles.

His left cheek is bright red, Alice is keeping him erect by playing with his cock… Lots of lube, tonne of pleasure… Mixed with pain. He’s so confused, submissive and longing for a release. “Who owns your cock, Tracey?” “You, Mistress!” he moans.

She’s happy. Her feeling of satisfaction and domination are palpable. He’s excited, wet, hard and longing for more.

“I will fuck you so hard that this lesson will stay with you forever,” says the Mistress in an deliberately emotionless manner. She has never felt so directive and supreme before.

Alice handles her Sub roughly, pushes his head down on the bed and penetrates his tight ass from behind. Strongly. Eagerly. Roughly. His penis is aching to explode. Tracey’s body is convulsing in strong pleasure. He moans and growls while she softly tells him “You’re mine to be used. I control your pain and pleasure. Do you understand, Tracey?” “Yes, Mistress, I belong to you”.

A powerful orgasm swallows Tracey: an explosion of moans and his juices, all over the bed… Rooted in a sea of full surrender and trust.

A powerful experience envelopes Alice: domination, masculinity, omnipotence, depth.


~ Photo Credit: The Sensual Eye

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