Down the Rabbit Hole

Alice was driving fast on an open city road towards her forest sanctuary, tears pouring out of her eyes…  Tense. In pain.

Sooner or later all relationships have ended for her. This one did quite a bit sooner than she had hoped.

There was an intense pain around her heart chakra, animal loud screams were coming out of her chest. Almost primal-like fear of loosing him. Inability to accept what has just happened. Denial.

Memories of being with him, holding him, making love to him surrounded her… Unable to leave their grip, she drifted off into one of the fantasies…

It felt just like yesterday – she rushed to his place, in love, excited to see him. Wanting to surprise her lover, Alice was wearing a school girl’s uniform. Her perky breasts peaking through the sleeveless translucent white t-shirt, blue checkered skirt, no panties. She rang the bell and practically raped him on the stairs.

Her tongue in his ass, hands on his cock. Tracey couldn’t stop growling, leaking precum. Hard as a rock. Horny. Ready to take her – passionately, loudly.

He fucked her hard. She started screaming and just could not stop… It was such a cathartic experience that soon Alice went into her own world. The world of ecstasy, trans and dreams. As he was passionately fucking her, she could distantly hear his growls and her own screams, see his intense stare, hear his dirty talk; but she was not her body anymore.

She was a free floating consciousness. Energy. Intense ball of energy uniting with him. Having visions of going down the rabbit hole, quite literally leaving this physical plane for the higher dimension of ecstasy and love…

When she reached the park, her fingers automatically dialed his number. He picked up the phone. His voice – so familiar, so dear to her, so sad… Determined.

She couldn’t ignore the sense of fatality. His mind was set. She was too busy, her life was too structured – career, family, husband. He felt alone. Unimportant. In pain.

Alice came up with all sorts of arguments trying to revive, explain, work things out. She loved him like no one else. Her passion for him was intense. Her fantasies, thoughts and emotions were constantly orbiting around him.

She did have a lot of structure that she needed to adhere to. Many responsibilities. Other people that she loved who depended on her. But she was willing to find a work around. A compromise. A solution. He was so important to her. How could she lose him?

Polyamory. Love without ownership… The concept was miserably failing her…

Suddenly, she stopped. Alice saw a dark hole in the ground. A rabbit hole…

She leaned towards the opening and felt a subtle pull. She didn’t know what to expect, hope for and dream of. Yet, Alice was ready. Ready to, once again, go down the rabbit hole.


~ Photo Credit: The Sensual Eye

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