The Next Bay

Alice has always loved the sound of waves. Strongly hitting the shore. Breaking down into millions of water droplets. Running back into the lake whispering sweet nothings to the air and the seagulls… only to come back once again and kiss the stones.

It was a humid summer day. Wearing black tight yoga pants and a purple translucent top Alice was jumping from one stone to the next. She was hot and sweaty… The moist clothes were hugging her tight and athletic body making her round ass and perky breasts apparent to the passersby.

Together again, she and Tracey were walking along the warm shore full of little pebbles and bamboo sticks…

Light beige empty beach line stretched as far as an eye could reach, surrounded by majestic rocky bluffs to their right. Multiple little bays, united together produced a beautiful wavy line of sand, meeting the cool-blue gray water to the left.

“I’ve seen quite a few nude sunbathers here,” said Tracey smiling. “This place lives and breathes sensuality”. “I did have sex here once…” he added after a slight hesitation.

She looked at him – athletic, seductive, handsome man. They are pretty much alone on the beach on this hot and humid evening… Just seagulls and people on motor boats interrupted their solitude from time to time…

“This shoreline is perfect for multiple sexual experiences,” she noted slowly… “Each bay is a potential gateway to a new one. “Where did you fuck your date?” she asked and guided his chin with her hand closer to her face so she could see his eyes.

“Right here – he pointed to a larger set of rocks. “I was fucking her from behind. As I was coming onto her back, a man appeared out of nowhere. He must’ve watched the whole scene…”

“Oh my, you’re quite an exhibitionist, aren’t you?” she noted by slowly starting to kiss him with her tongue and lips, gently biting and sucking. “Wouldn’t you love to fuck here again… In the next bay over.”

Tracey loved kissing her. She knew the power she held over him. Her sexual steamy energy. Seductive glances, sensual body language, dirty talk and passionate sounds… “Your next bay should involve a man…” she said in between the kisses. “A cock in your mouth. A big beautiful cock.” She glanced at his shorts – a large wet area was spreading above his crotch. Precum. He was hard as a rock. “Rocks and waves… is today’s theme after all,” she thought to herself and chuckled.

“Show me your cock!” she commanded. He unzipped his shorts… She held him in her mouth feeling how hard and wet he was. Slowly moving up and down. Teasing. Until he couldn’t wait any longer. He grabbed her hair, turned her hot body around and fucked her hard right on the beach. Her round ass facing the sky. Hips leaning against an old tree trunk. Facing the waves. In their own little bay just next to the one he’s used before.

That evening, the sound of waves, seagulls, his growls and her screams all came together as a steamy and loud symphony open for anyone to see and hear. Luckily, only the birds and the tall trees have watched.

Full of fantasies and passion he has erupted right onto the rocks. Content and spent they held each other whispering sweet nothings just like the waves…

As they were walking back she thought of the next bay… A sexy, strong male. A cock. A dominatrix… And a new play adventure Tracey will very soon face.


~ Photo Credit: The Sensual Eye


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