Tantric Divine Union

Alice was ecstatic! Her true calling has just been answered…

She has always been eager to explore the connection between sexuality, spirituality and love. To allow her endlessly curious self be authentic, vast, playful, passionate and loving. She longed to share her knowledge with others and help them achieve some of the amazing experiences she’s had and much more… Let them enjoy more of loving bliss, deeper connection and spicier passion…

A couple had asked her to teach them a few techniques on deepening their connection and bringing more pleasure and sparks into their lives. Alice couldn’t wait to create the lesson plans.

She promptly arrived to Tracey’s place and got right down to business.

“Honey, please undress – we will be practicing tantric techniques for our upcoming couples’ session.”  Tracey, used to her spontaneity and playfulness, smiled, nodded and undressed.

They quietly set down on a yoga mat facing each other. Grounded. Relaxed. Aligned their breaths and connected energetically. Alice has walked Tracey through a series of exercises on connecting their energy centers, creating a beautiful rainbow connection bridge uniting him to her. Their fields were pulsing in sync. Chakras open. Divine connection to the sky, grounded connection to the earth…

“I can feel the pressure in my chakras, babe,” Tracey said in disbelief. He felt deeply connected to her whole being. “Yes, I can feel our energetic union,” said Alice smiling; feeling open, loving, relaxed. Their heart strings united, sexual chakras bonded, spiritual vortexes intertwined.

The couple moved into the bedroom. Darkened room with three lit candles highlighted Tracey’s defined body laying on his back, Alice’s beautiful figure straddling him.

Oil. Lots of warm sensual oil all over his body. His eyes closed, attention focused on the breath, sense of touch and their connection. Alice’s hands are playful, soft and gentle. Patiently she’s massaging his whole body, worshiping every centimeter of his physical temple. At times, as if by mistake brushing a hand against his cock.

The strokes are becoming more intense, Alice’s playful hands are getting closer to his cock and balls. Tracey starts really enjoying the sensations, getting aroused, hard, wanting to cum.

Alice is not going to let him get off so easily… Back to the thighs, chest, nipples… Building more pleasure and letting the wave pass. Her hands are slowly starting to explore the perineum area, circling around the anus. Oh, how he loves this feeling… Tracey is letting out a sigh, he’s on the edge, swimming in a sea of pleasure.

She gently inserts her finger, then two – adding more pressure to his prostate while playing with the cock. The intensity is over the top, Tracey is breathing heavily, moaning and is ready to come.

Suddenly, an amazing sense of union overcomes them. “I want to worship you the way you deserve to be worshiped, I see a face of God when I’m with you,” she says in disbelief. The connection feels powerful, crisp and sacred. Alice senses a total alignment between their energy fields. She’s leading him into a world of prolonged ecstasy, trusting her intuition on when and where to stroke, pull, caress…

Tracey’s whole body starts shaking uncontrollably. As she’s playing with the prostate and lingam, her touch sends ripples right into the center of his being becoming a tremor of sensual delight all over his body. A little drop of cum appears on top of his penis.

Tracey is in ecstasy. He’s responding to her touch more and more as she continues edging him. In complete disbelief she realizes that he’s having a prolonged energetic orgasm without an ejaculation. He’s swimming in overwhelming sea of pleasure for several long minutes.

Alice increases the sensations, his cock – throbbing hard, huge like she’s never seen before is so close to exploding. His body starts convulsing, suddenly Tracey hears nothing but white noise. He’s on another plane of existence. A huge explosion follows a massive orgasm.

He’s unable to speak. Move. In a white haze – he finally opens his eyes after what seems like an eternity…

They lovingly look at each other and smile. It’ll be a while till he can speak to her about the depths of this Holly Union.

“We definitely need to spread this joy to others,” concludes Alice with a happy smile.


~ Photo Credit: The Sensual Eye

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