Kundalini Rising

Suspend your judgement… Let go of expectations. Enjoy the ride…

Alice has been studying and practicing meditation and energy healing for over ten years. In short, she has seen, felt and learned a lot. And yet, each time she visited this world of higher vibrations – she felt just like a child in a candy store, ready to play, explore and experience…

Exhilarating playground of higher vibrational frequencies and exquisite, beyond physical, sensations was her favourite medium to explore.

Every one of us has had a share of these non physical experiences – feeling of love softly throbbing around our hearts, covering our whole being with shivering goosebumps… Amazing sensation of intuitive insight coming just at the right moment… Overwhelming sense of calmness, safety and connection with the whole world. A sense of union, expansion and higher frequency union with nature, birds, plants, other people and the planet itself dancing in a common dance of energy waves. Expansion, stasis, contraction, stasis – aligning with the divine. Universe. Your higher self.

Alice is laying on her back. Eyes closed. Naked. Her breasts raising and lowering with each breath. Back, spine, ass – settled into the comfortable, warm sheets. Tight stomach – relaxing into the breathing flow. Legs open. Anticipating Tracey’s touch.

His athletic body – straddling hers…

Lots of little happy sparks around them. Dancing with anticipation.

Alice is kinaesthetically sensing subtle waves of energy moving around her field. No touch follows. Just energetic ripples spreading joyful light tingling sensations all over her aura. She’s feeling the deepening of the energy, sensing herself slide into a familiar trans state. Colorful visions surround her. Red, orange, yellow, green…

“A rainbow” – thought crosses her mind and leaves. “He must be activating my energy centers”. She’s entering a non linear world, thoughts come and go as clouds or information downloads. Tingling, warmth, pressure, colors, sounds, visions are welcome guests in this non physical realm.

Alice is witnessing her thoughts “What is happening?” the thought passes and tenses her up. “Why am I seeing these vivid colors?” another confused set of syllables showers over her… Her body starts moving out of it’s own accord… A bit of a fear creeps in. She chooses to let go, surrender, leave any expectations behind. “Just enjoy the ride,” a short succinct phrase of guidance reaches her. She surrenders to receive. She loves and trusts him.

Subtle color energy waves become closer together, they strengthen. Tides rise and fall. Her whole body rises and falls in synchronicity with his magical hand movements. Alice fights back the urge to open her eyes and understand the reason of these pleasurable strong body movements.

Tracey is charging the kundalini moving it up her spine, activating this potent sexual energy, “awakening” the sleeping coiled snake… Letting it crawl along the spine, rise towards the higher vibrating chakras. Joy. Enlightenment.

Eyes closed, she’s starting to get a clue of what might be happening, yet trying to stay out of linear mind, Alice is swimming in strong pleasurable energy waves.

No physical touch. However, the sensations are more vivid and real than ever. Colorful symphony of light, sound and pulsations. Beyond this world. Moving, shattering. No words exist here. Just emotions. Rich sensations. Love. Unity. Oneness. Bliss.

Her body raises more and more with each of the passes of his hands. She’s nearing an orgasm. Colors get increasingly lighter, air crisper, feelings divine.

She culminates in the strongest energetic orgasm ever – shooting energy out of her whole being, exploding with bursts of color, ecstasy, pleasure.

She squirts too. But the physical sensations fade in comparison to the overwhelming sense of happiness, joy and union that lasts forever.  She wants to cry out of an overwhelming sense of gratitude for experiencing this sacred moment together with him. But cannot move…

After a long while, Alice opens her big hazel eyes. In disbelief. The reality slowly kicks in. She cannot even cry. Words are insufficient. Mind cannot comprehend what has just happened.

Slowly she’s able to focus on his beautiful facial features, his smiling green eyes. Are those tears? “I felt everything you did, babe,” he says fighting back the tears.


Only the physical world has this separation… Coming from total and complete union, Tracey and Alice cannot be fooled any longer. They are ONE. Body, mind, heart and soul.

“I’m so incredibly grateful to experience this with you. Thank you,” all she manages to say… Alice and Tracey both know that the rest can only be felt.


~ Photo Credit: The Sensual Eye

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