Time to Receive

Gentle caresses of his fingers around her labia. Slippery sensual coconut oil touches – just like butterfly flapping her wings against Alice’s silky soft skin.

Alice’s naked body – tight, beautiful – spread on top of his bed. Receiving. Seeing his athletic torso, loving Tracey’s face with beautiful green eyes… Candles, lots of candles all around the darkened room… Slow and sensual tantric music.

There’s time to fuck hard and dance in waves of ecstatically wild energy. There’s time to play with his smooth and masculine body, tuning into his fantasies and desires. Time to play, dominate and switch…

And there’s time to receive. Just like now.

Alice’s eyes are closed, she’s looking inside herself. There’s a vast world opening up to her – a sensual heaven. She’s his harp. The melody he is now playing is slow and gentle, teasing and arousing to the senses.

Lightly his fingers circle around her labia, playing with clitoris. Pausing with light pressure, getting her to an intense level of arousal and dancing away. “You’re teasing me,” she says with a smile, eyes closed. Prolonged sensual orgasm denial. Ecstatic.

Sensations are coming closer together, increasing in frequency. Alice is breathing the energy up her vertical power current. Moving the waves from her root chakra into the crown. Opening up the energy centers as beautiful flowers blossoming into the air. Splashes of color, explosions of imagery take Alice into a whirlpool of experiences and sensations.

Very soon, she becomes part of an alternative world of pleasure, love and unity. World of happiness and inclusion. Coming back into her consciousness just for a few moments, she notices that Tracey is now gently fucking her with the tip of his penis, directly stimulating her G-Spot. Such an intense experience.

She feels as though all of the tension and built up energy is compacted into a single point of pleasurable pressure between him and her… Moments later, Alice explodes in a scream and a huge orgasmic projectile ejaculation. The sheets are ruined so is the pillow. Alice is covered in cum from head to toes… Belly laugh… What a roller coaster ride.

Each. Fucking. Time. Utterly blessed… Absolutely grateful.


~ Photo Credit: The Sensual Eye

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