She was driving, fast – eager to shorten the distance between him and her, and fall into his arms. As Alice pressed the gas pedal, she noticed how layer by layer her thoughts started falling away…

Her younger daughter’s wining requests that she dealt with as she was leaving  – peeled off with a high pitched sound and oozed onto the road behind her as she drove by. Lighter. She instantly felt much lighter.

Her husband’s momentary jealousy, a difficult conservation they’ve had – a dense ‘energetic package’, parked behind waiting for her to get home. The worries about the house, kids’ extracurricular activities, freelance business and clients were all falling off just as a currently unneeded ballast, leaving her emotional, energetic and mental fields.

She took a deep breath noticing how her shoulders relaxed and jaw line became less tense. Alice was literally shape shifting.

A married woman – in charge of the household, mother of two, detail-oriented business owner was morphing into a playful, daring and seductive lover only he knew. A dominatrix. An insatiable sexual creature. Fun playmate. In love and in lust.

Ready to take on the world. To be in the now. To feel.

But truly, who was she? Authentically… Was one of the identities more real to her than other? Was she escaping her reality with him? Or was she merely allowing her complex multidimensional nature manifest itself in all of the various ways it happily could?

She got to his place. Magnetism – the crazy attraction she’s always felt with him enveloped her as she’s fallen into his arms… His instant arousal quickly echoed inside of her cells. She loved the way he reacted to her slightest touch, short dirty message, prolonged sensual kiss. His hardness was her best compliment… That and his loving words, loving deeds, the times they spent together, conversions they’ve had…

His touch. She started falling into him – the deep, spicy, playful and sacred space they both shared and loved…

As she was going home – fulfilled, charged and high on happiness she slowly, one by one, started picking up the thoughts about other people she loved.

She hugged her little girl and patiently listened to her worries as her daughter cuddled in Alice’s arms. She told her husband how much he meant to her and how she loved having him in her life. She kissed her older daughter goodnight and felt content. Present. Ready to take on the responsibilities that were patiently waiting for her by the door.

The roles started shifting again, as Alice was accepting more decisions, ideas and plans into her field. The mother. The wife. Artist. Sex Educator. Energy healer. “I can have it all”, Alice thought to herself and quietly thanked the universe.

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