Three- and then some

Alice was truly and utterly blessed… Not only did she have two amazingly loving men in her life but also – two amazingly great lovers which accounts for two hot cocks and sensual tongues as well as 4 playful hands… Just to take the physical inventory.

Alice is laying on the bed, blind folded. Her perky breasts – rising and falling. Tight naked body awaiting someone’s touch. Anticipation is killing her. Finally, after a long pause…

Light sensual caresses, a bit of cool oil on her skin. Goose bumps and excitement… A tongue – around her vulva and a pull on her breasts… Slowly she’s drowning deeper and deeper into the world of pleasant sensations. Letting go and surrendering without any expectations. Gentle hands, hungry touches, pulls and caresses. Sensual, loving, dirty. Soft, strong, eager and edging.

“My husband’s hands”, notes Alice – these are moving up and down her thighs, playing near and around clitoris, teasing her senses – gentle, slow. “Tracey’s fingers”, registers in her brain – stronger, more aggressive movements around breasts, tagging on nipples, eager to excite and spread hear all over her trembling body.

Full body massage – oily, warm, sensual waves are spreading all over her body and energy field. Awakening every little cell of her body. Radiating heat and rising her life force. Moving the sexual energy up along her spine towards her crown chakra on the top of the head.

Alice is in trans and starting to feel the movements of the energy – her body dancing to it’s own accord. Chest rising and falling. Back arching. Hips swerving, welcoming more intimate touch. Pussy longing to be stroked and penetrated.

She’s starting to moan and scream. Involuntary movements of her body become more and more grotesque. That tongue on her clit – oh boy, is it ever so good. A sudden, strong pull on her nipple at exactly the right time and she explodes in a projectile ejaculation. “Wow, have you seen that fountain?!” is all she hears succumbing to a strongest wave of pleasure she’s ever felt. Overwhelmed with all of the amazing sensations – head to toe. Shaking, her body jerking in huge energy waves,  collapsing and squirting over and over again from slightest touch. Falling into oneness and total love and surrender…

Unable to move, happy as a clam. The last vision coming to Alice is a dark starry cosmic space with myriads of brightly flickering stars and a voice saying “Love is a beautiful energy to be shared and not possessed.” Complete gratitude. Inability to move or speak. Weightlessness. Love. And hope to live by this guidance.














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