Inner battle

Alice was on a mission to introduce two of her friends, a newly met beautiful couple, to BDSM. To create a playful fun scene with audience’s involvement. And to give Tracey a taste of other women’s caresses while watching her own reaction to sharing him for the very first time.

He belonged to her exclusively for almost a year. One may say that she was a proud owner of a this handsome beast…

His muscular body – wild and strong – capable of lightest gentle touches and strongest pounding passion. His handsome face with green eyes and a kind smile that turned intense and animal-like as he was coming. His playful nature and open mind… She has so treasured their spicy, intimate and magical connection to each other. At yet, at times, she felt that he wouldn’t mind welcoming new experiences and new stories.

An altruistic part of her really did want him to experience anyone he wanted to. A possessive part, the jealous one was afraid and worried about losing him. His love. His wild passion. His interest. The coveted exclusivity.

The time has come.

The friendly chatter with new playmates has led them to the second floor dungeon. “Get naked” she commanded just before locking his wrists in handcuffs attached to a large cross. He obliged. Blindfold – on. There he stood completely naked. Ready to receive. And the sensations came.

The rules were simple – Tracey needed to guess who touched him. If he couldn’t tell Alice’s touch from a caress of their beautiful  female companion or onlookers – he’d be punished.

Alice oiled her hands and started playing with his body. Tight abs, strong chest. She kissed him and he immediately got aroused. She played with his hard cock. She used a flogger right after. One cannot have too much pleasure without some pain…

“…Who touched you?” asked Alice. “You, my goddess” he responded without a hesitation. That was an easy one…

She passed the flogger as well as the lube to her female guest. The woman played with Tracey’s nipples, running her nails down his chest, caressing his cock. “Who was it?” asked Alice noticing that she didn’t feel jealous or hurt.

“Was it you again?” asked Tracey unsure of his answer, it seemed that he couldn’t imagine Alice letting another woman touch his body… and got immediately punished for the wrong answer.

“Woosh {wrong} !” said the flogger.

Alice has lowered his blindfold – “It was our beautiful guest,” she said with a smile.

More people volunteered to play with the helpless blindfolded man spread on the cross. More hands on his nipples, cock, chest.

Playfulness – that’s all Alice felt at the moment. “You’re doing well” said her inner voice. She smiled.

The men switched roles, the handsome male companion was now strapped to the cross. Teasing and pleasuring as well as pain has followed. Lots of fun, participation from the others, jokes. Adrenaline.

Tracey is now on his back, legs spread open – Magic wand pressed into perineum sending strong vibrations up into his body. Alice kissing him, two more women pleasuring his cock, balls, nipples. What a treat. “Of course there’s a trick – you can’t just have your pleasure… Give us some compliments. Tell us how great we are or we will stop” said Alice with a grin.

Hilarious. About to pass out from all of the pleasure and unable to focus on what he’s saying, Tracey repeatedly told all of the goddesses how amazingly divine they were. The handsome stranger experienced the same treatment and was quite happy with the result.

When edging got a bit too much for men and women became tired of fulling around and teasing; guys grabbed women and switched into dominant positions. Side by side the two couples fucked, moaned and indulged into the palpable sexual energy they have just created. The powerful release has followed. It was time to go home.

As soon as they stepped outside Alice felt tears coming into her eyes, rolling down the cheeks. The adrenaline has ran its course. She was feeling emotional, the jealous part, the selfish energy that was quiet during play came back to the surface. As Tracey was holding her she kept telling him how much she loved him. How afraid she was to lose him. The future seemed  uncertain. Bleak. She closed her eyes.

Duality – yet again. Deep down inside, she knew she could do it. The now was magnificent, everything else was non existent.

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