Be Still

“Be still,” said Alice looking straight into his eyes. He loved that mysterious playful yet authoritative spark in her twinkling big brown eyes. That look that instantly told him she was up to no good. Playful. Mischievous. Daring.

“The game we’ll play today requires you to not move. Not make a sound. Be still regardless of what I do.”

She was fully clothed – black and slick body hugging tights – showing off her round ass, flat stomach and sexy hip curves. Loose, slightly transparent purple top with erect nipples’ silhouettes slightly peaking through. Just enough, to take him for a wild imagination ride. Smiling seductive stare.

He understood it well. It was forbidden for him to touch her… He had to keep still even through strong waves of pleasure and pre-orgasmic spasms if he didn’t want the bliss to stop. In her complete control. Naked.

She kissed his lips. Sensually penetrating him with her tongue. Authoritatively and passionately pulling his head towards her with a hand. She was aligned with a masculine, direct force within her. There was no denying it – she was in complete control of his body. The shear notion of his submissive predicament made him hard. She laughed – “Your dick knows who’s in control here”.

She felt him perfectly. Touching him lightly all over his balls, cock, playing with his nipples, neck and ear lobes. Tracey’s cock raised and instantly hardened. Alice could see his struggle not to move or make a sound as he was succumbing to a series of involuntary lusty waves.

For a quick instant, he did unintentionally shift his body as an energy wave came rushing up his body.  “Be Still,” she said again with a stern look and immediately stopped the pleasant stimulation. A quick slap on his balls gave an additional indication of how serious she was about his surrender.

She took a short piece of rope and tied it up around his balls and a cock, a bit of pressure and a nice bow – and the cock is standing up harder than ever. Unable to go down.

“Speaking of taking full control over your whole body…” said Alice with a smile. Tracy was still. Not even a node or a smile. “Good boy”.

Her playful hands, dominating stance and sexuality Alice was exuding got him very close to coming. He was on the verge. Experiencing a strong storm of pleasurable sensations internally. Staying as still and cool on the outside as humanly possible. “What a magnificent struggle,” she said laughing.

Throwing more wood into the fire (quite literally), she whispered right into his ear: “I bet you really want to fuck me right now. Imagine my beautiful pussy as you enter it. Tight and wet. See my round ass as you’re penetrating me from behind.”

Perfectly timed explosion! The visual immediately took him over the edge exploding in a violently strong orgasm. Silent. Still. Powerful surrender.


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