Life Force

Deep within us lives a force – a powerful energy of self-expression, joy and ultimate pleasure. Deep within us exists an element that shape shifts. It burns in strongest passionate flames, and simmers as it teases our senses. It flows calmly while undisturbed and violently explodes in huge waves of passion and sensuality. This very force is closely connected to our life force, creativity and self-expression. The force called sexuality.

Societal judgements, shame, guilt are some of the blocks that stop complete and free expression of sexuality. Change the way we see it, skew our frame of reference. Internalized, these judgements create internal walls – separating sexuality from the entirety of ourselves, blocking our creative expression. At times, making us turn against our very core.

“Forbidden… That’s how Alice has always thought of self-pleasuring ever since. Bad. This was not even a conscious thought – more of a feeling, a notion that she has never questioned. A rule…

Going through life, growing up, becoming sexually interested and excited. Fantasizing about others, looking at herself in the mirror, getting aroused… And NEVER touching herself. As though there was an invisible wall that surrounded her whole body. Touch was allowed, but not for pleasure. Bathe, dry, dress, take care – but not enjoy. Feeling like a prisoner in the outer-imposed walls of prudishness and conformity.

Fantasizing of others – caressing her, raping her, undressing in front of a mirror. Wishing someone to come and penetrate this notion of separateness… Staying without a release. For years. In a self-induced subconscious chastity.”

Governments, religions are some of the external forces that try to oppose and control our sexual expression. What drives these internal and external walls? Fear.

Fear of the strength within. Wild Power. Passion. Freedom. Uncontrollable joy and acceptance…
This is where the separation comes in. Black and white. Good and Bad. Animal-like yet spiritual.

“She stares into his green eyes as he fucks her like an animal. “I want to be closer to you” he growls as though as it’s humanly possible to get even closer than two deeply intertwined hot human bodies. She’s looking into his eyes and feels animal magnetism and a sense of merging. Overcome with a primal desire, she’s biting, licking, kissing him. The sounds he makes, the way he throws her around and enters her are incredibly animal-like and arousing.

Suddenly she’s sensing a totally different dimension. From the intense animal-like physical connection, she’s starting to fall into his eyes. Deep into his chest. Beyond the physicality of the moment. Their energy fields connecting as one. There’s a profound sense of union that can only be described as a soul connection.”

I applaud you for accepting and authentically expressing your sexuality. For listening to the voice within that leads you into the depths of who you truly are without a fear or worries about the judgements of others. I support you in your quest to become the most beautifully whole and happy human being you can possibly be. Sexuality could be a great gateway and playground to achieve higher states of consciousness, personal growth and ultimately love.

No physical touch. However, the sensations are more vivid and real than ever. Colorful symphony of light, sound and pulsations. Beyond this world. Moving, shattering. No words exist here. Just emotions. Rich sensations. Love. Unity. Oneness. Bliss.

Her body raises more and more with each of the passes of his hands. She’s nearing an orgasm. Colors get increasingly lighter, air crisper, feelings divine.

She culminates in the strongest energetic orgasm ever – shooting energy out of her whole being, exploding with bursts of color, ecstasy, pleasure.”

P.S. Written as a guest post for CP McLennan (stranded in TO)

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