He’s always loved prostate play… Penetration and role reversal were his kinks. Was it because she was conditioned to please men from her early childhood that she always took such a long time to play with him? Earning his love through service? The image she tried to project, though, was that of a Dominatrix. Was it the control she could exercise over him while intermittently giving and stopping pleasure that she enjoyed? Or both? One will never know. Control, service, humiliation, role reversal, her need for love, his need for sex were intertwined…

Her hands playing with his oiled body, Tracey’s moans, his body moving up and down… Prolonged tease. She has perfected her touch, flawlessly in tune with his field – she knew his body better that anyone. Gently finger teasing the opening, then prostate play,  switched to the toy and larger real-sized dildo. Keeping him on the verge of the excitement, she knew exactly when to stop the stimulation and when to begin again. What to say to start an even bigger fire inside of him. She did let him come – after a prolonged lingam, prostate and energy-based play. As he exploded, she kept on gently touching his nipples, stimulating his field until suddenly his whole body became her highly interactive playground.

Sensitive to the slightest touch, movement of air. Energetic pass of her hand. He exploded in ecstasy again and again from the smallest stimuli she produced. Actually, she didn’t have to do anything at all. He was like a huge minefield that kept exploding without a trigger.

She went into a control rush. Such a degree of ownership. Perfected to the T. He went into fear – the involuntary movements kept on happening, orgasms – exploding for over half an hour. Complete loss of control over his body, reactions and thoughts.

He looked pretty scared. And so she decided to let him ground. Take him out of the highly excitable state of trance and pleasure.

We all need to feel the ground underneath our feet no matter what heights we achieve. They were good copilots. Regardless of the fact that her motivations were not completely clear to her. Control, service, humiliation, role reversal, her need for love, his need for sex?

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