The C word

What happens to one’s life when the C word enters your field?

Alice now knew. First – it was a crippling fear. No, more like this: FEAR. All encompassing, never ending, freezing cold fear. Then – a feeling of separation and loneliness. Her against them – the healthy people. She once belonged to that tribe. But NOT ANYMORE.

Fight of flight response, mood swings, plummeting right down the Maslow’s pyramid all the way to the very bottom. Smash. SURVIVAL. Yep… Forget spirituality, esteem and love. Hello doctors, tests and unending worries.

What happens to polyamory when the C word enters your world? It really depends. Depends on what it was built upon. Fun, sexuality and light connections? They keep on lightly passing by flaring their wings, wishing Alice well from a distance. Depth, grounded loving foundation that weathers anything in life? Patience. Perseverance. Love. These connections sustain.

Sustain and lift up the pyramid – “Hey I’m feeling safe as I’m always held.”
“I’m loved and the C word doesn’t change my worth.”
“I am love.”
“I AM.”

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