Staying in Shape

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“How do you stay in such an amazing shape?” “What’s your exercise/diet regiment?” “Do you seriously have two kids?” “You are 40??” I do often get asked the above questions… And feel very humble hearing them… As though they are addressed to someone else… …A shy little Jewish girl with big sad brown eyes inside […]


Self Love

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This story is about Alice. Just Alice. Alone… Spacious white shower, warm water gently hitting her body, oozing down her erect nipples, onto the tight stomach, hanging onto shortly trimmed sexy hair strip… Water drops falling down to the floor. Just like a warm rain – playing with her skin, touching and hugging Alice’s curves. […]

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On Letting Go…

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My Dear Reader, Polyamorous lifestyle requires quite a bit of letting go… Letting go of people you’ve just met or been intimate with… Letting go of dreams, hopes and ideas that came to an end. Letting go of stories of what has happened and whose fault it was. Forgiving myself and others. Accepting what is. […]