Tales of Scheherazade

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Much as your eyes are scanning this page right now, dear reader, so were Alice’s. Reading the stories out loud, one by one. Perhaps, with the only difference – she couldn’t move her hands as they were tied behind her back. And, one more little detail – a small, slick remotely controlled vibrator placed on […]


The Dream Catcher

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…He was sitting on the bench facing the clock tower with red doors. Silver streaked hair, checkered shirt, jeans, blue shoes. She could clearly see him from the second floor of the building beside the square. “Are you ready to play?” she texted “Yes”. “Here are the rules: I want you to meet me in a way of you graduating opening up to me – one sense at a time” she wrote. “Please close your eyes and wait for me to join you on the bench. We will start with a sense of smell…”