Who Am I?

My Dear reader,

Perhaps, it is time for me to introduce myself. To explain why I am here. Why I’m writing these stories for your pleasure.

We are all such multidimensional beings… The roles I play in this life differ. I am a mother and a wife. I am an artist and a healer. An entrepreneur. A student. A lover. A seductress. A lonely child.

Physically, I am a woman… Sexual, athletic, confident. This physicality takes hard work and dedication. Yet, I’m forever grateful for how much pleasure I’m able to feel through this body of mine… Exhilaration! Joy!!

Mentally I am an inquisitive, hungry mind – learning anything and everything that has to do with the human behavior, love, sexuality, creativity and psychology. Eager to know what makes me tick, how other people’s minds work. What happens in that space between you and I.

Emotionally I consist of intense and {at times} balanced clouds of sadness, joy, anger, happiness… Pain. I cry often. I love laughing. Things touch me deeply. I experience emotions as waves that come and pass. I’m the perfect container for them. Though at times I doubt this notion.

Spiritually I am a bright, tantalizing light radiating outward… Just like you, my beautiful reader. The light, that is part of us all – interconnected in our quest for love and earthy experiences. In communion with the nature. Gravitating away from fear towards the ultimate depth and connection. And most of all – love.

Sexuality is my playground of choice to learn more about connection and love. Love is my worship. My teaching. My sole purpose of living. The connection that purifies me. That drives my progress. That wants me to experiment and share.

And this is precisely why I am writing… I love sharing my life experiences with you. I love connecting. Creating together. Sensing the energy of this art. And feeding from it to create even more.

Here’s to love!

… From Alice with Love <3

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